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Triol Solutions for Elevator Systems: Effective Ascent to a New Level


Lifting mechanisms enclose multiple varieties of modifications. Today they are widely spread in the most various types of buildings and should correspond to a broad range of regulations and standards. As a general rule, the most stringent requirements come upon passenger elevators. Modern lift systems should provide riding comfort, utilization robustness, leveling accuracy, speed feedback, advanced electrical braking, etc. Namely, a lift trip should be smooth with limited acceleration and jerks, as those features influence a comfort level directly. Simultaneously, elevators are defined as devices performing frequent starts and stops, as some systems could be rated for up to 240 starts per hour. This creates a great load for a motor enabling a lift car motion due to a produced heat generation. In order to assure all of this, the system should submit an instant feedback, providing a proficient control for speed and accuracy.

Assistance Unseen by a User

Since the electric motor is not capable to perform such a high level of motion control solely due to a direct and rapid response to power supply changes, it is recommended to apply variable frequency drives (VFD) as a part of the lift systems. The variable frequency drive constitutes a device for regulating an output voltage frequency and represents a feedback system with a closed loop.  The VFD is capable to monitor lift speed via the motor speed values, then it compares the actual speed value to the required one. Subsequently, the VFD drives or brakes the motor in accordance with the obtained deviation. Comfort, leveling, and safety control becomes not only possible but also convenient with a help of the VFD.

Triol AT24 LE is an advanced variable frequency drive of a supreme quality, developed specifically for elevator systems. It is performed in a premium plastic enclosure with a protection of IP20 and a voltage of 380 V. This solution is a reliable choice for various types of new lift installations and older elevators retrofit. Availability of special operational modes, such as inspection, evacuation, short floor, contractor and brake control, enhances and simplifies the controllability. Triol AT24 LE is produced by Triol Corporation and distinguished for its seamless integration with all motor types and excellent adjustment.

Comfortable Travel and Control

The unit automates control of technological processes basing on a closed system architecture with a built-in PID controller. Equipment management has never been so outright due to improved control algorithms and efficient interface of the controller. Triol AT24 LE provides linear and S-type rates of acceleration and deceleration, as well as their controllable timing.  The device is compact, highly ergonomic and has an integrated brake key. And an automatic motor restart function, applicable after a power failure, enables cutting downtimes.

When it comes to passengers’ convenience, Triol AT24 LE has no peers. The VFD provides explicit adjustment of critical parameters of the car motion, making pleasant impressions by a prompt and fluent travel. By virtue of a high values sensitivity of the VFD, it ensures accurate leveling and comfort speed of the elevator cabin, as well as jerks and bumps elimination.

Passengers’ safety always comes first, in this regard the VFD performs different types of motor braking: applying the brake, frequency braking, and dynamic braking. Also, it controls performance parameters in order to prevent any emergency situations and protect people’s health.

Extended Service Life and Improved Energy Consumption

The VFD provides a wide wattage range, namely from 5.5 to 37 kW, as well as a high overload capacity of 220% for 1-2 seconds and 150% for 60 seconds. Also, Triol AT24 LE protects the motor in order to decrease expenses for its repair and maintenance, excluding equipment downtimes and increase its durability. The VFD controls and monitors an operability state of elevator brakes and a motor contactor, and of the lift equipment in entirety. A feature of the motor protection against short-circuit currents and overloads helps to preclude failures of the motor operation. With Triol AT24 LE it is possible to adjust motor operation according to a user-defined schedule in automatic or manual mode. A high overload capacity and an extended operating temperature range make this solution robust and reliable.

Furthermore, applying Triol AT24 LE provides an essential opportunity for profitable economizing in energy consumption. The VFD reduces motor speed via cutting an amount of the required power when a partial load occurs, this makes a measurable decrease in energy consumption expenditure.

Presented solution is versatile and applicable not only for passenger lift systems. To get more information, address our managers, who will provide you with the most extensive information about Triol variable frequency drives.

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