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Triol Solutions for High Reliability of Your Power Supply


You may face the problem of power outages due to voltage failures, which are due to natural phenomena or technical measures really often.

As a neutralization of problems with voltage failures, Triol Corporation offers a dynamic compensator of voltage distortions Triol KH24+ by 0.4 and 6 (10) kV. Its main task is to provide power to the consumer voltage with a minimum deviation from the nominal and the elimination of emergency stops of the fund. This high-tech solution allows solving the whole complex of problems related to the quality of electrical energy, with failures and plantings (up to 3 seconds or more) of voltage, overvoltages in supply and distribution networks.

Triol KH24+ Voltage Compensator guarantees:

  1. Reliable and continuous power supply to consumers in case of emergency and abnormal conditions in electrical networks;
  2. Reduction of electric energy losses, elimination of phase asymmetry and non-sinusoidal behavior in all operating modes;
  3. Elimination of short-term power supply disruptions from the power system due to regulation of the load voltage to the nominal value;
  4. Maintain the voltage on the load for 1 second in the absence of input voltage, which allows guaranteed transfer of consumers to the backup power line.

This solution provides the following functionalities:

  1. Compensation of power network drops of up to 30% depth during unlimited time;
  2. Symmetry of three-phase voltage at the inputs of the load;
  3. Bypass operation;
  4. A wide range of serial options in the form of partial compensation of reactive power on the side of the network and compensation of high-frequency current harmonics consumed from the network (AHF, option);
  5. Full autonomy and does not require operational control during operation;
  6. The implementation of internal compensator protections transfers it to bypass mode without disconnecting the consumers;
  7. Compensation of the complete disappearance of the supply voltage to 3 seconds.

In addition to the main task of compensating for voltage distortion, Triol KH24+ performs a number of additional significant functions, namely it protects against all types of short-circuits, leads the output voltage to sinusoidal form, reduces power consumption and compensates for odd harmonics.

With the introduction of Triol voltage compensator, the customer is guaranteed a reduced risk of emergency equipment shutdown, increased productivity due to elimination of downtime, high quality of electricity consumption, and a reduction in the accident rate of the fund due to emergency stops and minimization of lost profits.

Triol Corporation – only high-quality technology for your company!

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