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Triol Technical Service Department: Expert Assistance and Support


Triol Corporation has implemented more than 1 200 complex projects around the world within last 25 years of its existence. Over 10 000 products manufactured by Triol are installed in countries such as the USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, China, etc. Our products constitute sophisticated electrical equipment designed to provide customized flexible adjustment of parameters according to particular operating conditions, such as severe Siberian frosts or high humidity of tropical Latin America. These factors daily challenge personnel serving facilities onsite. In response, our Company has created a branching network of Triol Service Centers, that includes 11 divisions and provides its services to Customers around the world.

Triol Technical Service is represented by highly qualified engineers only. Their professionalism causes admiration! Our service technicians work 24/7 and are always in touch with Customers, willing to provide proficient services, among which are:

  • incoming inspections;
  • commissioning of the equipment;
  • on-line consultation of the personnel maintaining the equipment arranged on sites;
  • remote configuration of the equipment parameters;
  • investigation of causes of failures and equipment breakdowns in a remote mode;
  • diagnostics and a repair of the equipment, both within a SC and at facilities (with a simultaneous replacement of faulty products);
  • replacement of units and the equipment at the facilities.

Our service technicians are always ready to share their experience, in this regard they perform training of the personnel on-line and at Customers’ sites with a subsequent issuance of certificates.

Regardless of whether the Triol product was purchased directly from the manufacturer or via a distribution company, the Technical Service provides the day-and-night user support. At the same time, a reliability and a versatility of the Triol products ensures its long-term and efficient use throughout its service life, therefore our Partners obtain warranty and post-warranty maintenance during the whole equipment lifetime, even when the equipment was rented or repurchased.

Service technicians of the Triol Technical Service are always aimed at the result and share Clients’ priorities! Rapid response, decision accuracy, consummate professionalism constitute the three fundamental principles, allowing our Customers to get the best service and avoid operational downtimes of the equipment and the personnel.

Employees of the Triol Technical Service are your reliable partners, always ready to provide a competent assistance in solving complex problems!

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