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Daria Getsman

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Triol Technologies for the Best Management of Drilling Pumps and Electric Motors


Triol Corporation specializes in the production of electrical equipment, including drilling. After a long analysis of the “headaches” arising from customers, we found that one of the main problems is increased energy consumption, which is quite noticeable today in the conditions of the continuing increase in electricity prices. Companies are forced to use energy-efficient equipment and to economically save energy costs.

In order to help customers, optimize power consumption by our specialists, low-voltage variable frequency drive Triol AT24 line M was developed. This technological solution is designed for operational control of 2-5 electric motors of the drilling rig while ensuring high reliability of the system and saving on energy costs.

Let’s consider the main advantages of the proposed solution:

  1. Increased energy efficiency due to the common direct current link;
  2. Operational management of all mechanisms and consideration of their mutual influence;
  3. Minimum deployment time of the system and small size of the system;
  4. Individual control algorithms for the drive motor;
  5. Insulated air cooling channel, preventing dust and moisture from entering the block-box;
  6. Support for various exchange protocols;
  7. Operating temperature range from -60С to + 50С.

Also, Triol AT24 line M is advantageous for its compactness, ease of operation and maintenance, reliability, competitive price and quick payback (read more).

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the purpose of Triol Corporation today is the production and sale of innovative and high-precision electrical equipment for various industries. We strive to supply our customers with the best solutions only, produced with the latest technology. Contact us, and you can see for yourself!

Triol Corporation – the best solutions for your success!

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