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Triol Trading LLC and More News from USA Market


Dear Readers, sorry for no news last couple of months, was really busy with US market starts from SPE Symposium end of April and now I need to give you updates as for Triol US business and progress. Let me start step by step.

Triol was a part of SPE Symposium in The Woodlands last April (you can read more details in the blog of my colleague Marietta Avanesian).

After SPE show we made strategic decision to enter US market with our warehouse and US legal entity – Triol trading LLC, which is already existing with a Texas registration and bank account. Starts from July, making financial cooperation with Triol became really easy for US-based companies.

With Triol trading LLC we are working on bringing additional value to the all our customer by:

  1. Keeping warehouse of the gauges, VSD’s and small HPS VFD’s in Oklahoma.
  2. We will be in the US all the time, me or someone from my colleagues to help customer with ongoing projects.
  3. Easier financial operations.
  4. 24/7 support by spare parts and technical support.

Beginning of August, we have a line of meetings with all key players in the market making technical and commercial presentations, among them TOP oil producers Chevron, EXXON, ConocoPhillips, Murphy, OXY.

Our Linear ESP system, as usually, caused a huge interest from an operator as far as it is saving costs with less energy consumption and higher inter-repair period All of us know that with such a low oil prices this questions finally will be number one.

I made a calculation which mostly was made based on my personal interest, anyways if all US 600 000 SRP wells will be converted to Linear ESP system and with average kW*h cost in 10 cents, US operator can save about 6 000 000 000 USD, which is a significant amount of savings for the market.

I am sure in the nearest time I will share with your news as for the first container arrival to the US and about how the things going on the market. Now I need to come back to my work, wishing you a good day, Dear Readers.

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