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Triol VSD Solutions for Oil Companies


Hello dear followers!

Recently, we have made significant strides towards providing Indonesia market with unique and highly efficient TRIOL solutions.

APAC market has its own mark requirements for reliable variable speed drives providing 2 years of continuous operation, THD lower than 5%, features of a modular system, cost-effective and certified casings of NEMA3R and NEMA 4, ensuring operation at +60°C, 100% of humidity, and in salt spray conditions. According to the demand based on requests from Indonesian Oil&Gas Companies regarding Variable Speed Drives (VSD), we have specially designed 4 different solutions by tight teamwork of our huge R&D + QA&QC + Commercial departments. Each solution has special features; and the main aim of each is to satisfy latest demand and resolve pending issues. The solutions are determined as following:

  1. Basic solution indoor – VSD in NEMA1-2 enclosure for indoor application, standard options for Oil&Gas producing and ESP operating;
  2. Basic solution outdoor – VSD in NEMA3R enclosure for outdoor, standard options for Oil&Gas producing and ESP operating;
  3. Optional solutions – VSD in NEMA4 Enclosure with own developed software specially designed for Oil&Gas producing algorithms;
  4. Certificated solutions – UL/CE Certificated VSD in NEMA4 Enclosure having parameters that meet strict international requirements; each VSD has UL or CE Certificate.

First two basic solutions are traditional and cost effective solutions.VSD in NEMA1-2 Enclosure is purposed for indoor operation; and VSD in NEMA3R is designed for outdoor applications within temperature range from -40°C to +50°C and in humidity up to 100%. Today Triol VSD NEMA1-3R works in Indonesian and Chinese Oil&Gas companies, as well as in Europe, Middle East Region, Ukraine, Russia, etc.

Third optional solution is VSD NEMA4 Enclosure. The VSDs are Produced&Tested by Triol with our own IP testing benches according to NEMA4 standards. The VSDs are produced in accordance with requirements of ISO9001:2015, Internal NEMA4 tests and meet dozens of local standards. Today more than 600 units of VSD in NEMA4 enclosure operate around the world (in Latin America, Africa, India, the USA, MENA and others). We have installed over 60 VSDs only in Indonesia since 2016, that are being extensively used by local and global oil companies.

The fourth solution is the VSD certified by international authorized organizations, has Germany Certificate UL type 4 (E497326) and is extremely required in the USA and Latin America markets, where requirements for VSDs are strict and mandatory for the oil companies. This VSD meets all standards of NEMA4, UL, CE, and other international requirements.

            Here at Triol Corporation we highly appreciate our Customers, as well as their individual requirements. Our Company is distinguished to provide customized solutions in accordance with unique demands each of our Customers. We are always ready to cooperate with the most demanding conditions due to the fact that we share and exceed our Customers’ desires.

Thanks a lot for your kind attention to read and follow my blog. I expect that you obtained some more information and felt an interest arising in regard of a closer cooperation with TRIOL. Please feel free to ask us any questions at any time, because we are always open for negotiating.

My personal e-mail:, cell phone number: +38095-536-93-98 (WhatsApp).

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