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Triol VSDs and PMMs – operation and control… 2 in 1!


Dear Readers! My name is Yaroslav Sydorov, I’m account manager in Triol Corporation. It’s my first experience in blogs, so please don’t judge too harshly 😉

As I know during last years Permanent Magnet Motors (PMMs) become more and more popular due to better energy efficiency and control possibilities. Triol Corporation can’t stay on the sidelines of technical progress, we are always thinking about how to provide the most attractive solution for our Customers. And we have found it! We are manufacturing and offering VSDs using which our Customers could operate both traditional induction motors and PMMs, so our VSDs can be moved to wells for operation with different submersible motors. It means that you could replace the motor without VSD change. Or you can use Triol VSDs as flexible emergency suitable for different wells and different motors. Alternatives are preferable!

We always keep in mind that “hardware” should be always hand in hand with “software”, and the key issue is utilization of efficient algorithms. We have started with a cos phi algorithm maintaining power factor level, but PMMs become more and more different and its complexity increases significantly all the time, as well as efficiency requirements. That’s why we have developed and realized Vector Control algorithm for PMMs in our VSDs. These 2 operation modes are covering all demands for all PMM motor types from different manufacturers. Our VSDs could successfully work with all well-known PMMs, so we are providing the best VSDs in the world! :))))

You can ask, why do you have 2 algorithms, maybe 1 is enough? I think as many alternatives we have as it is better! Both algorithms have its own advantages. Cos phi algorithm is easier to set-up and start, Vector control algorithm requires more time and additional motor nameplate information to set, but the control is more flexible and precise. Every Customer can choose the best alternative for himself and be happy with Triol VSD.

I have started my work in Triol from the Client Support, and many times I have explained to the Customers how to set equipment into operation. It takes a lot of time – we should read boring manuals, finding problems, wasting time for misunderstanding… But we live in 21st century, technology is everywhere! For example, I have used video manual in YouTube how to fix the problem with my old mobile phone, and at the end of last year I suggested a new idea. To make our support for Customers more effective we should do video manual of Triol VSD setting to operate with PMMs! I have discussed with technical engineers if it is possible to do and my colleagues from advertising department started it with high inspiration. Production of this video was pretty good experience for all of us in Triol. It is already uploaded to our official web-site. I watched it and found that kind of training instruction as more efficient and interactive than just reading of manuals! It was my idea implemented by Triol Corporation, maybe you have ideas based on your experience which can be implemented by us? Share it! Cooperation on every stage in every issue always gives us positive emotions and professional satisfaction!

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