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Triol Webinars: Be Ready to increase your profitability with LESP


Oil production is a difficult and expensive procedure. From year to year, the situation is only escalated- light oil resources are depleted, wells are frozen, geological exploration is intensifying. The entire industry is in constant search for new technologies that allow the existing fund to be returned to its previous level of profitability.

As a leading American manufacturer of power electronics, with a full production cycle, Triol puts the quality of products first and eager to find and develop solutions that cover specific requirements of our Customers.

If your oil company has wells at a rate of up to 20 m³ / day, which doesn’t bring you profit; or there are conserved wells that are not used due to an unprofitable operation and complicated oil production conditions — visiting our upcoming webinar is a valuable decision for you!

Join our webinar on August 16th at 10:00 AM by Houston time. Our leading expert Anton Kolesnychenko is going to introduce the main features and technical and economic benefits of a unique development, a new technology for oil production at marginal wells — Linear Electric Submersible Pump system.

What do you get after LESP implementation?

  • oil production volumes and profitability increasing from 25% to 100%, with a total reduction of power consumption.
  • the greater the depth, the greater the efficiency — more than 151-446%.
  • motor lifetime is higher than 46% due to VSD algorithms.

Are interested in making your oil production more profitable and want to know how exactly?

Join us to learn more at the upcoming webinar!


Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

See you at the webinar! Let’s build an innovative future together!

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