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Triol Webinars: LESP – the Future of Oil Production World


Oil&Gas industry has always been one massive field for innovative and unique developments to offer. No wonder there are already a number of methods that became traditional.

As the time runs fast, technologies we used to utilize are no longer efficient.

Triol Corporation is always ready to offer you solutions that have no analogs on the industrial market and has already become the hot topic to discuss at Triol webinars.

Triol Corporation continues a successful series of webinars and invites you to the next free-of-charge webinar!

All who are interested in new developments in the Oil&Gas industry! August 23rd at 10.00 AM, Houston, TX is the time to discuss the newest petroleum solutions with Anton Kolesnychenko!

Participating in the webinar “Linear ESP – a frontrunner technology ” you are to discover how to maximize the production of marginal oil wells from 25% to 100%! In addition, you are to find out how to increase the profitability of the oil, reducing the energy consumption twice!

What is it?

Find out by visiting our webinar!

Prebook your participation at the event by clicking the link below. Register now and do not miss the opportunity to learn how to make wells with low flow rate more profitable!

Register now

Triol Corporation – only effective solutions for the productive work of your company!

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