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Triol Webinars: New Step Towards the Future with VSD



Dear Friends!

Through the years, we improve and modernize our equipment to make it an efficient actuator for your business. Each of our product comes with features that undoubtedly provide the best results in the field.

Our VSDs are a top-requested product among market leaders. Why?

Because implementing Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 you get a universal, world widely known and certified solution for your oil production to operate with any type of motor, pump, and submersible equipment.

What additional benefits do you get implementing Triol AK06 VSD?

  • Smart and easy to use the controller
  • Simple and modular VSD design
  • Enclosure protection
  • VSD certified by UL and RETIE

Moreover, we provide customized solutions to satisfy each Customers’ needs.

You are to learn more participating in our next webinar “Variable Speed Drives: New Step Towards the Future” together with our leading specialist Artem Amelin, Export Sales Team Leader in Latin America region.

You’re not only to find out about Triol universal AK06 VSD but get individual advice from our expert with all the commercial and technical backgrounds.

Do not hesitate, register HERE

Triol AK06 VSD – get the maximum of your oil production!

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