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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

Head of External Relations


Triol Welcomes Guests from Middle East


Hello dear friends!

In this blog I would like to share some good news with you, my readers.

Triol Corporation works long and hard on building strong ties with our Customers and develop professional and trust relationship with Partners. We provide sufficient program for partnership and appreciate highly companionship and understanding arising between our Clients and TriolCorp.

This Wednesday, on 10/03/18, representatives from a highly respected Middle East Company are going to arrive at our facility situated in Kharkiv city, Ukraine.

Here at Triol Corporation, we are always willing to provide our dear Customers with only the best solutions and services in the scope of various industrial fields. And in order to ensure our quality, we are happy to open up opportunities to get to see firsthand our facilities and to communicate with experts developing Triol products. Experience has proven that personal look may substitute dozens of words.

Transparency and integrity are the features crucial for our Company due a belief that true partnership should be premised on a providence of the highest quality products.

We are glad to host our guests from Saudi Arabia here at Ukraine and to share new partnership experience. Hope that this event will become a good start towards new discoveries leading to prosperity of both parties.

See you next time!

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