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Daria Getsman

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Triol Corporation year’s result!


Triol Corporation traditionally summarizes the outgoing 2015 year.

Let’s remember together, what has happened during this year? 2015 year was a year of changes and achievements. We are very proud of new challenges: successful products, interesting solutions, assimilation of new markets, production modernization. Due to our common exciting efforts we overcame all the difficulties occurred on the way to succeed.

We want to share with you with bright impressions of this year:

  • New electric submersible pump test bench is developed and produced by Triol. We control the high quality of our products, because we understand the importance of uninterrupted operation and product functionality for our Customers. Quality is always on the first place.
  • Our robot made its first steps. We have made first test launching the robot, results are impressive! Very soon our robot-assistant will demonstrate all its abilities.
  • Our programmer team has developed algorithms and software for the control of BLDC motor.
  • New variable speed drive (VSD) AK06 series is developed. Export model series of VSD AK06 from 100A to 1000A and VSD AK06 from 630A to 1600A for PMM and asynchronous motors operation (multipurpose) are developed.
  • The team of medium-voltage equipment created own-developed and produced transformers. This transformer will be successful on the market and has high demand. That’s why we apply it in our VFD Triol AT27. VFD model series has been refilled by new compact medium-voltage VFDs Triol AT27 voltage 200-1600 kW in cabinet-type.
  • Our team of low-voltage equipment has refreshed our product range by development of VFD Triol AT24 multidrive. It is developed for the motor control of several machines coincidently.
  • Our honor is a new product that will protect your equipment from unstable supply main. Voltage compensator (VC) Triol eliminates problems with voltage slumps, protects from momentary voltage surges which cause equipment failure. The first VC was presented at the Moscow exhibition “Oil and Gas-2015”.

A lot of interesting events has happened both in our communication with Customers and in our cultural life inside company. There are only few of them:

  • The first webinar for the Russian energy companies was been successfully held on the 3rd of December. It became possible thanks to the excellent high-professional team both sales and advertisement. The topic of debut webinar was frequency regulation in energy production. During this event we were discussing the range of topical issues referring VFD application for the pumps control at thermal power plants.
  • Triol Corporation took part in the international exhibition «Global Petroleum Show» (Calgary, Canada). It was our first experience for international exhibitions. We demonstrated many our innovations: VSD AK06 with active filter compensating device and model of LESP.
  • Representatives of our company took active part in the conference and seminars in the field of energy and oil industry, housing and utilities infrastructure and electric industry.

To summarizing all new exciting, interesting, delighted facts have happened this year, we want to thank all our Partners and Customers for new opportunities and challenges. Everything that we create and strive for is made with care about You.

Join us! Together we will make all dreams come true!

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