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Unique innovation for marginal well fund in the oil industry market


Dear friends, partners and customers!

Surely, you already read our news about Triol unique innovations as well as the ideal solution for marginal oil wells – linear electric submersible pump (LESP). It is a new solution for oil production in which a linear electric submersible motor is used as a plunger deep-well pump drive. LESP is the perfect solution to be used in marginal oil wells (0.8 – 38 m3 / day).

So, today you will be the first to know about the main features, advantages and nature of work of this innovation from Triol Corporation.

Operation in complicated conditions

In the pumps, there are used a standard plunger pairs, that are designed for viscosity up to 25 mPa * s. In addition, it is possible to regulate the speed of the plunger’s movement (to reduce it and to achieve a better filling of the working volume of the pump with a viscous liquid). Now LESP successfully works in a well with a viscosity of 50 – 150 Mpa * s.

Depending on the size of the plunger, the range of flow rates for liquid is 0.8 – 38 m3 / day.

The maximum angle of well inclination is up to 40 degrees. Efficiency compared with SRP is a wide range of operation of the installation and the opportunity to work in wells of great depth and complex geometries.

Currently we are testing LESP with a maximum angle of up to 60%. Besides, linear ESP is equipped with standard gravitational ball valves, when using slide valves LESP may operate in horizontal wells.

Reduced installation cost compared with ESP

Installation of LESP in comparison with ESP installation – descent is the same as linear ESP, but the assembly of electric plunger pump is simpler. Compared to the ESP reduction in the cost of installation is due to the fact that the motor and the hydro protector are supplied as a set and they should not be mounted on the well.

Working with mechanical impurities

LESP operates with mechanical impurities as well as the standard plunger assemblies for SRP because they are applied as part of plunger pump.

Individual approach to the LESP development

The installation with the Y-tool bypass system is possible, but only with the development of an individual order. In this case, the fitting characteristics will differ during operation in such a system because of the larger diameter casing and, accordingly, more rigid engine cooling conditions.


Stable operation due to the reduction of the dynamic level before the failure of the feed

When the dynamic level decreases due to the integrated DMS, the unit sees a decrease in pressure at the pump intake and shuts down the pump, or reduces the number of rocking (depending on the settings) of the pump to avoid gas contamination and disruption of supply.

Optimum energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is achieved through the use of a linear electrical submersible motor and their control systems. Based on a wide range of regulation of the speed of the pump and the number of rolls, it is possible to achieve a good filling of the working volume of the pump and optimum work of the formation.

Qualitative diagnosis of the plunger pump for its condition

Diagnosis of the plunger pump is performed by monitoring the motor currents – in the event of an emergency (wedge, gas contamination), the nature and value of the current that the software fixes and records in the log changes. These experiments were carried out on a test well. Therefore, it is possible to understand what the values and nature of the current are for different loads on the pump. In comparison with another pumps manufacturer, where another engine control algorithm is used, and therefore it is impossible to determine the state of the pump.

To learn more, please contact our experts or read datasheet about Triol Linear Electric Submersible Pump.

LESP efficiency once again underlines the reputation of Triol Corporation as the company that offers unique technical and technological solutions.

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