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Daria Getsman

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User friendly VSDs


Dear Readers! Today I want to tell you about Triol VSD’s Ease-of-Use.

The main idea of Triol Corporation is to be in trend and provide the best solutions for Customers, which can be carry out. Triol Corporation manufactures VSDs, supplies them and, at the same time, develops new solutions to satisfy Customer’s needs, providing careful market analysis, receiving the feedback from our Clients with special requirements for drives. That is the way we go from basic VSD model to the customized one.
I have discovered that every Customer and every well needs “Emergency Stop button” on the drive to fulfill safety requirements. Triol Corporation has succeeded in it! We provided special output on the IND board and assembled this button on the front door. Now Customers` stuff can always stop Triol VSD easily in any emergency case while being in the field.

With such a turn-up we went further and add some new attractive features for our VSDs. During my work as a technical support specialist I discussed with Customers their needs and received tons of feedbacks. I shared such a broad experience with our technical team to implement it all in our new drives. At first, we found that the function of drive output maintenance by simple speed potentiometer would become very useful for our Customer’s field stuff. We installed it onto front door into controller’s compartment and connected it to UMKA03 controller’s analog input to control the drive. Now in our new supplies it is possible to provide changes to operate in, for example, I-Limit mode. Our next solution is a simple mode switch Manual-Off-Auto. It will significantly help Customers` staff to operate in the field quickly and without starting controllers` long surfing. All these issues make our drive friendly and simply the best!

Of course software updates are not forgotten, during last few months on our Customer’s requests we have implemented different modes to make our drive easier to use, such as I-Limit and I-Synch modes, as well as catch on the fly modes in both directions to extend VSD’s functionality to operate with surface pumping applications. Our Customers are very satisfied with these solutions.
Triol Team plans to start the process of UMKA controller’s interface improvement. My colleagues from the commercial department got all requirements from the Customers and provided presentation for other departments to receive together a great new modified VSD.  We have analyzed different market solutions to make the menus more friendly and ergonomic. We are planning to remove some no longer required parameters and rework menu structure to obtain better performance.

Got any ideas how we can make the product more attractive for you? We will appreciate all your recommendations and will try to implement them in our product for you!

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