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Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line RT

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line RT is a universal solution for submersible and surface oil production pumps (including SRP and PCP) with power range from 15 to 75 kW, metal case NEMA3R enclosure with a passive harmonic filter. The drive operates at −20…+50 °C. Triol AT24 VFD provides a simple connection of input and output cables, forced air cooling, built-in braking resistor, resistance to prolonged sinusoidal vibration effects of 0.5G in three axis. This VFD includes a kinetic redundancy algorithm for PCPs, which allows the frequency drive to remain in operation when the supply network is short (up to 0.5 sec) and electric motor is picked up with the output from the turbine rotation.

Triol AT24 VFD line RT is a complete cabinet for disposing of the main and additional functionality in one place, as much as it’s a universal device that controls both SRP and PCP, while also can be used for other types of load, such as a fan, air conditioning systems, etc. TheVFD is available in two versions: with a P24E control panel and Triol controller UMKA-07 with a touch-sensitive graphic display LCD and Ethernet.

Power supply, V3×380/ 3×480 (–15%…+10%)
Power frequency, Hz50/60 (–5%…+5%)
Power range, kW15-200
Discretization change frequency setting, Hz0.1
Cycle adjustmentPID
Remote optionP24E control panel,

Well controller UMKA-07 (external option)

Output frequency, Hz0-400
PWM frequency, kHz2-10

Default value: 5.5 kW to 55 kW – 5 kHz. 75 kW to 320 kW – 3.3 kHz.

EnclosureIP54, NEMA3R (optional), NEMA4 (optional)
Casing materialMetal (15K-75K)
Operating temperature, °C (°F)−20…+50 °C

(−4…122 °F)

Cooling typeAir, forced