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Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line UH

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line UH is a reliable solution for general industrial and special applications (including SRP for oil production) from 5.5 to 400 kW, with a voltage of 380 and 480 V and IP55 enclosure in a metal case, where the drive operating temperature is −40…+50 °.

This VFD contains unique Triol algorithms and extensive tincture options. Triol AT24 line UH enables the connection with a wide range of expansion units to analog discrete peripherals, encoders, temperature sensors, and interface modules, and implements unique algorithms, including sensor, sensorless vector control, master-slave mode, control of start parameters, braking through specialized service software. Due to the drive compact dimensions, it’s available to install the drive in small cabinets or in limited space.

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line UH is high-resistant equipment that sustainably operates in sinusoidal vibration effects of 0.5G in three axis.

Triol AT24 VFD line UH advantages don’t stop here and continue with the possibility to be additionally furnished with a passive harmonic filter that provides a current distortion factor at frequency drive input less than 5%. It’s also available to equip the drive with a du/dt filter that limits the output voltage rise front at the drive output at a level of no more than 500 V/μs.

Input breaker, external sockets for connecting three-phase consumers, bypass circuit to enable direct start of STD in case of the drive malfunction, outdoor cabinet of additional options with IP54 enclosure – the list of this drive extra options is pretty impressive.

Power supply, V3×380/ 3×480 (–15%…+10%)
Power frequency, Hz50/60 (–5%…+5%)
Power range, kW5.5-400
Discretization change frequency setting, Hz0.1
Braking switchBuild-in ((0.55-11 kW)  Build-in (22-55 kW optional) 
Cycle adjustmentPID
Remote optionP24E control panel,

Well controller UMKA-07 (external option)

Output frequency, Hz0-400
PWM frequency, kHz2-10

Default value: 5.5 kW to 55 kW – 5 kHz. 75 kW to 320 kW – 3.3 kHz. 400-kW


Casing materialMetal (5K5-M40)
Operating temperature, °C (°F)−40…+50 °C

(−40…122 °F)

Cooling typeAir, forced