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Low-voltage equipment

Variable frequency drive Triol AT24 Series – HVAC application

Triol AT24 VFD is a reliable solution for the fields of application related with heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These variable frequency drives HVAC combines simplicity of management, operational reliability and high performance efficiency. Variable speed drive HVAC is known for its multifunctional performance and flexibility in such spheres of application as ventilation and air conditioning. A large number of security and service functions make VFD HVAC the universal solution.

Advantages of applying VSD HVAC:

  • start, stop and control of motor rotation frequency;
  • acceleration and braking ramps including S-shaped ramps;
  • reversal;
  • acceleration, decreasing, stop;
  • protection of the motor overcurrent, overload protection;
  • motor control by external 2-wire and 3-wire sensors;
  • saving control configuration of motor;
  • dynamic braking of motor;
  • simultaneous control of five motors («Cascade controller» macros);
  • automatic control of technology process by closed-loop system principle using built-in PID-controller;
  • operation of asynchronous motor by custom preset diagram in automatic or manual mode;
  • start/reversal/stop of motor with assigned rates;
  • changing and autonomic presetting an acceleration / deceleration time;
  • connecting regenerative unit is available;
  • frequency mode of motor deceleration;
  • permit of resonant frequencies.