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Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 is a universal solution designed for automatic control of a wide range of production equipment and systems with induction motors in various industries like the energy sector, transport, and utilities etc. Triol AT24 has a large power range and extensive functionality for controlling electric motors, ventilation and heating systems, pumps, and elevator systems. Triol AT24 implementation provides increased equipment reliability, reducing its wear, advancing productivity and energy costs savings.

Triol AT24 is subdivided into 10 lines, each of which contains several models and intended for a specific application. Triol AT24 contains unique Triol algorithms, specially designed to ensure reliable, accurate and easily controlled operation of the most complicated systems used in the industry.

If you’re searching for a unique and high-technological solution, then you came to the right place!

  • Safety and reliability operation of equipment, including when the supply voltage drops to 25%
  • Ability to operate individually, as well as integrate into various control systems with or without installation of additional interface blocks (discrete / analogue control, RS485 MODBUS)
  • Increased service life of VFD due to the use of polypropylene capacitors (UE, UH, RT, SR, SD, MP lines) – once installed AT24 VFD successfully operating for a long time.
  • High overload capacity.
  • Easy connection of input and output cables.
  • Convenient removable remote with graphic LCD display.
  • Built-in braking resistor (line RT).
  • Passive harmonic filter (line RT).
  • Resistance to prolonged sinusoidal vibration effects of 0.5 G in three planes.
  • Support of the set pressure in the hydraulic system served by 4th motive station (pump, HVAC application).
  • Compact dimensions, wide functionality.
  • Built-in du/dt filter that increases the motor life (line RT, SD, MP).
  • Surge suppressors, earth leakage monitoring system, automatic switch with a handle on the cabinet door (SD line).
  • Convenient and easy-to-maintain design, allowing replacement of the IF cell within 30 minutes (line MP, SD).
  • Increased reliability of the ventilation system through the use of a single fan.
  • Connectivity to various encoders, such as EnDAT, incremental, sine-cosine.
  • Support connection via Wi-Fi.
  • Ability to perform the layout for various technological tasks.
  • Ability to add and remove options on request.


ApplicationDegree of protectionOperation temperature
Line UBcontrolling ventilation and air-conditioning systemsIP21

−10…+40 °C

Line UCpumps, fans and air conditioning systemsIP21

−10…+40 °C

Line UEpumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, various load-blowing machinesIP21

−20…+40 °C

Line UHgeneral industrial and special applications for SRPIP55

−40…+50 °C

Line URelectric motors of pumps, ventilation systems and air conditioningIP52 or IP54

−10…+40 °C

Line SRsucker-rod deep-well pumpsIP55

−40…+50 °C

Line RTsubmersible and surface oil production pumps, including SRP and PCPIP54

−20…+50 °C

Line LEsynchronous and asynchronous lift winchIP21

−10…+40 °C

Line SDsystems of fans, pumps, conveyors, compressors, lifting mechanisms in confined spacesIP21 or IP54

−40…+50 °C

Line MPmulti-motor systemsIP21 or IP54

−10…+40 °C


  • Braking resistor
  • Line choke
  • du/dt filter
  • Triol service software
  • Wi-Fi adapter with a quick setup wizard
  • EXT1 block (632)
  • EXT2_Termo block (687)
  • EXT3_Relay block (686)
  • EXT4_3Phase block (743-01)
  • Wi-Fi_RS485 module
  • ANET block (622-01)
  • LAN block (624)
  • ANET2 block (706)
  • ENCO2 block (625)
  • ENCO3 block (626)
  • ENCO4 block
  • P24E
  • P24E control panel
  • P24U control panel
  • Passive harmonic filter
  • EMC filter С2
  • Sine filter
  • High-speed fuses