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Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line UB

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line UB is a basic solution for common process tasks with simple installation, quick commissioning and easy operating. AT24 UB is simple, reliable and cost-effective solution to control pumps and HVAC systems. The integrated terminal allows making settings without additional equipment and service software.

Distinctive benefits of Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line UB:

  • Investment savings
  • Cost saving
  • Commissioning at light speed
  • Comfort in operation
  • Minimized maintenance
  • Power factor advancing
  • Motors lifetime extension
  • Vector sensorless (open-loop) control
  • Auto-tuning of motor parameters
  • PID-controller
  • Multi-stage speed control (16 steps)
  • 4 parameter sets for acceleration and deceleration time


Input voltage, V3х380 / 3х480/ 3×690 (-15 % …+10 %)
Input frequency, Hz50 / 60 (-5 %…+5 %)


Output current, A1.2 … 110
Output frequency, Hz0.5…400
Frequency resolution, Hz0.1
Acceleration / deceleration time, s1 …36000
Overcurrent characteristics120 % of rated value for 60 sec
Efficiency, %>97

Motor control

Control methodsV/f (volts-per-hertz) (5 reference point) sensorless vector control (open-loop) sensor vector control (close-loop)
PWM frequency, kHz2…10
Speed range1:100 in open-loop system 1:1000 in closed-loop system
Speed accuracy (static)±10% of motor nominal slip in open-loop system ±0.1 % of rated speed in close-loop system
Torque accuracy±10% in open-loop system ± 5 % in close-loop system
BrakingBy frequency



Acceleration / deceleration typesS-curve, linear (3 reference points)


TerminalIntegrated seven-segment
Light alarm“Ready”; “Run”; “Control channel”, “Rotation”
Push buttons“Start”; “Stop”; “Fast access “

Control signals

Customer supply10 V DC, up to 30 mA 24 V DC, up to 150 mA
Number of discrete inputs7
Discrete inputs2 Dl “Direction of rotation” by default 4 Dl programmable 1 Dl high speed pulse input
Discrete inputs type24 V
Number of relay outputs2
Relay outputs type250 V, 1 A
Discrete output1 DO high speed or open collector
Number of analog inputs2
Analog inputs1 Al 0…10 V by default  1 Al programmable 0…10 V or 0…5 mA or 4…20 mA
Number of analog outputs2
Analog outputsProgrammable 0…10 V or 0…5 mA or 4…20 mA


Physical Interface2 wire RS-485 for Modbus
Communication protocolsModbus RTU
Frame transmission19200 bps by default  1200, 2400, 4800, 9600,19200, 38400 bps
Data format8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Number of addresses1…247 for Modbus


Supply protectionsPhase loss
Motor protectionsOverload Phase loss
VFD protectionsOverload, Overheating, DC-link undervoltage, DC-link overvoltage, Power switch failure
InsulationGalvanic isolation between power and user circuits
Insulation resistance>1 MQ


Braking IGBT-chopperUp to 15 kw: built-in From 18 kW: option, built-in

Optional equipment

Braking resistorsOption, outdoor, by request
Input line chokeOption, outdoor, by request
Input EMC filter (C2)Option, outdoor, by request
Output dV/dt filterOption, outdoor, by request


Protection degree of EnclosureIP21
Cabinet materialUp to 7.5 kw: plastic From 11 kW: steel
CoolingForced air
Noise level, @ 1 m, dB(A)<75
InstallationWall mounting
Cable entryBottom

Operating conditions

Operating conditionsIndoor, no caustic and volatile air, no dust
Operating temperature-10…+40 °C (-10…+104 F)
Storage temperature-40…+50 °C (-40…+122 F)
Relative humidity, %from 5 to 90 non condensing
Altitude, mup to 1000 m – rated power above 1000 m – with reduced power
  • Start / stop / reverse of motor with set acceleration and deceleration rates
  • Auto-tuning of motor parameters
  • PID-controller
  • 2-wire control
  • 3-wire control
  • Automatic restart
  • Accelerated passing of resonant frequencies (2 ranges)
  • Simple PLC and multi-step speed control with 16 steps and 4 acceleration / deceleration times
  • Recording the last 3 reasons of failures