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Variable frequency drives at oil pumping set


One of the most important and promising directions of modern electrical engineering is the power converter equipment for managing alternating current (AC) electric drives.

Over the last 10 years, the widespread introduction of multiwatt VFD proved its unique capabilities as a means of energy savings and integrated solution of automation tasks.

The most effective use of VFD in the electric drive of centrifugal pumps (CP), load moment of which occurs due to variable frequency quadratic dependency. In addition to reducing power consumption in the capacity regulation of CP the resource-saving effect is also very significant, defined by reduction of leakages and loads on the elements of the unit, and by elimination of water hammers in the system.

Despite these obvious advantages, VFD confirmed its quality by sustained operation background at industrial sites, until that moment the question about the introduction of frequency controllable electric drives at oil pumping stations (OPS) of oil-trunk pipelines remained unsolved.

The frequency controlling technology of high-power electric drives is the most cost-effective solution in the operation of oil-trunk pipelines working in variable technological modes of oil pumping.

During carrying out the introduction of frequency controllers it is necessary to use the main functions of applied VDFs:

1) soft start and gradual braking of electric motor with controlled speed;
2) stepless controlling or maintaining of electric drive parameters at a predetermined level;
3) recuperation of energy during braking (this ability is typical for frequency converters based on self-excited VFD);
4) loading reduction in motors windings;
5) current limitation during dynamic modes of operation;
6) automatic reclosing (AR) after momentary loss of voltage;
7) malfunction diagnosis;
8) communication through interfaces with higher-level control and visualization systems;
9) automatic control of technological parameter using the built-in proportional-integral controller.

One of the main incentives for VFDs using is the power savings that can be obtained by their introduction. In addition to the energy savings and better control accuracy by using frequency controllable electric drives there are a number or advantages in the operation, you should pay attention to: reducing of the water hammer effect, reducing problems with cavitation, reduction of leakages. Low-voltage frequency converters Triol AT24 and medium-voltage frequency converters Triol AT 27 positively proved themselves. Frequency converters Triol AT support the main technological parameters during transportation of raw materials by pipeline transportation, providing significant advantages in the oil transportation system.

Triol Corporation as the manufacturer of frequency converters (FC) always provides the best solutions for You!

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