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Variable Frequency Drives Triol AT24 line MP

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line MP is designed for controlling multi-motor systems used in powerful industrial systems, such as conveyors, rolling mills, drilling rigs. Triol AT24 VFD line MP consists of separate modules, complete devices with their own control system: rectifier module (diode-thyristor or active); drive module; brake unit module. Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line MP is performed in IP21 enclosure, which is standard. For certain operating conditions, Triol AT24 VFD is designed with IP54 enclosure, with an external air filter. Another option is a special NEMA4 enclosure, with complete isolation of the internal space from the ambient air using a liquid cooling system of all power elements (water-water or air-water heat exchanger).

The unique algorithms of Triol sensor and sensorless vector control, algorithms of a specialized elevator functional, and slip compensation are implemented in Triol AT24 VFD line MP.

Service software is developed on requirements for deep VFD tuning, the ability to access controllers (process, control algorithms) and work with block software diagrams.

The motor management with “MP” technology provides a separate control system of a rectifier and drive with its controls and protection system ensuring flexible configuration of the complex for operation in a multi-motor system. Moreover, the drive easily powers a 12-pulse transformer, reduces the harmonic distortion of the current and voltage and so much more.

Power supply, V3×380/ 3×480 (–15%…+10%)
Power frequency, Hz50/60 (–5%…+5%)
Power range, kWUp to 5000 kW
Discretization change frequency setting, Hz0.1
Braking switchSeparate cell , separate cabinet  (optional)


Cycle adjustmentPID
Remote optionP24E Control panel with induction washing, removable
Output frequency, Hz0-400
PWM frequency, kHz1.5-8

Default value: 5.5 kW to 55 kW – 5 kHz. 75 kW to 320 kW – 3.3 kHz. 400-kW lines – 2.5 kHz. Мore than 630 kW – 1.25 kHz


EnclosureIP21, IP54, NEMA4
Casing materialMetal (5K5-75K)
Operating temperature, °C (°F)−40…+50 °C

(−40…122 °F)

Cooling typeAir, forced