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Low-voltage equipment


Variable Frequency Drives Triol AT24 Series – MP

Variable Frequency Drive AT24 MP is designed to control pumps, fans and general industrial machinery. The drive provides soft start, motor speed regulation, prolong work at rated speed, reversing and braking of synchronous motors, as well as maintaining throughout the range of the nominal operating frequency characteristics for the selected type of motor.

Varirable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 MP provides operation and protection of drive mechanisms, as well as control automatic, remote and local start-up, shutdown and definition the drive mechanism. VFD Triol AT24 MP works in vector and scalar modes of control.

Motor control:

  • control by the voltage/frequency ratio (U/F, scalar control);
  • vector control (with and without speed sensor);
  • the maintenance of technological parameter for PID controller;
  • Operating temperature range +5 … + 45 °C;
  • Multifunctional local control panel with LCD display;
  • Built-in emergency stop button (category 1);
  • Circuit breaker with swivel handle;
  • EMC compatible at input and output;
  • With forced air cooling;
  • Built-in filter dU/dt.
  • Remote control (optional).