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Variable Speed Drive for PCP


Hello dear Readers!

It’s been a while since my last blog. Sure, you remember my first webinar about new Variable Frequency Drive for PCP. I’d like to remind you about our VSD here in my blog.

Nowadays, PCP takes the third place among Artificial Lift Surface systems, inferior only to the number of SRP and ESP installations.

The demand of VSD for PCP application has raised. For the last couple years, we received quite a few requests from oil regions all over the world. Most of the requests were from Latin America and Canada.

And here it is Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 for PCP application. It’s equipped with electric submersible and surface induction motors, permanent magnet motors (PMM) and offers enhanced motors performance, reliability and system integration options for PCP application.

Let me name the main specifications of Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 for PCP:

  • Voltage sags algorithm – 0,5 sec without input voltage;
  • IEE519 correspond with Active frontend filter;
  • Operability at high ambient temperatures and direct sunlight;
  • Protection from sand and dust storms, fog, pollutants in the air;
  • Protection from an accumulation of wetted salt and salt spray;
  • Resistant to corrosive environments;
  • Communication protocol serial Modbus RTU or optional Modbus TCP/IP;
  • Continuous operation at 100% of nameplate power rating, and 120% nameplate power rating for 1 minute;
  • Continuous operation at nameplate power rating: voltage level: -5% or +15%;
  • Continuous operation but at reduced output power/torque: voltage level: -5% to -10% and many other efficient features.

Do you want to learn more? Contact our team or me directly, leave your comments below. I’m always glad to answer your questions.

See you!

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