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Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06 line FC

Variable Speed Drive AK06 line FC is a versatile NEMA4 enclosure solution which complies with NEMA 250-2014 standard. Enclosures of FC line are specially designed to have the possibility to integrate third-party variable speed drives into their cabinet.

FC line cabinet includes an input switching and protection equipment, an output sine filter, and an air-to-air heat exchanger for use in submersible and surface pumps for oil-producing and other industries. Input passive harmonic filter can be integrated into the cabinet of FC line. The high degree of protection and the built-in power bay locking system ensure the reliable and safe use of the cabinet in outdoor conditions.

Distinctive benefits of Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06:

  • Maximization of Production
  • Commissioning is a snap
  • Cost-Saving
  • Investment Savings
  • ESP run life extensions
  • Operating temperature range: 20°С …+55°С
  • Enclosure: NEMA4
  • Built-in sine wave filter
  • Passive harmonic filter optional (for request)
  • Cabinets (enclosures), designed to integrate third-party variable frequency drives
  • Built-in sine filter provides THDi and THDu output <5%
  • When equipped with an integrated passive filter, ensures harmonic distortion in the input network caused by the operation of the VFD/variable frequency drives in accordance with IEEE519 standard at the level of <5% THDi
  • NEMA4 enclosure
  • Operating temperature – from -20 °C to + 55 °C (with a decrease in output power in accordance with the capabilities of the VFD/variable frequency drives being used)
Power supply, V3х380 ±15% / 3х480 (-15 % …+10 %)
Input frequency, Hz50±1 Hz and/or 60±1 Hz
Rated output current, A100 – 675
Overcurrent characteristics120% of rated value within 60 sec
Change of frequency task increment, Hz0,1
Level of distortion in the output current THDi,%<5%
Level of distortion in the output voltage THDi,%<5%
Level of distortion of current in the input network

*for the cabinets with built-in passive filter

<5% in the load range from 70% to 100%
DC bus chokeBuilt-in
Input passive filterOption, Built-in
Sine filterBuilt-in
PWM frequency, kHz>=2,5
HMIProcess controller integration as per customer request
Local alarmOptional
Operator Control VoltageOptional: specified upon order
Enclosure protectionNEMA4
Material of enclosureCarbon steel
Operating temperature-20°С … +55°С (with decrease of output power)
Relative humidity95 %
Cooling typeAir forced