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VSD + ESP = raging success


Hello Dear readers,

Thank you for reading my blogs, hope they are interesting and useful for you. I try to write them as soon, as I meet some new issues either get news about market tendency.

Now, while Triol Corporation actively entering more and more foreign markets we face new opportunities as well as new challenges. And one of them is complete line of equipment for oil production manufacturing both downhole and surface. Triol Corporation leaps forward and that`s the way we roll! The high quality of VSDs, SWBs, downhole sensors (gauges) cannot pass unheeded. Automation control system production is fresh in ESP business and that`s gnat’s whistle. Our products line is developed to meet the demand of the local market.

After our business trip to US and Latin America we understood that FULL KIT of oil production equipment supply will be a great benefit made by Triol. 99% of the manufacturers, who got PMM motor, do not produce Drives, whereas VSD’s manufacturers mostly do not produce same to our multipurpose Drives (up to 24 pulse) and Drives with Active Harmonic Filter. So, just by adding a full range of ESP to our serial manufacturing we can unblock a new and HUGE market for us.

On the current stage we are carrying out the first trails at USA, Egypt and Colombia markets with our main Customers. ESP will be framed with variable flow and will be tested for different types of the wells. So we can be sure that our ESP system will be able to operate in all types of the wells.

What will we be able to offer after the ESP tests will be taken? Full kit of the main equipment for the oil production from 1 manufacturer, which is 100% tested, as a one unit VSD + ESP. No need to send orders, questions, technical questions or service requests to many suppliers, you can send everything to one manufacturer and your questions will be answered in short term by engineers and technicians who made the design and manufactured the equipment of need.
No necessity to wait until your supplier will contact manufacturer etc, all the questions and offers will be send in one form.

The main thing is that our equipment will meet Customers’ needs and operate at all types of the well for 100%. That’s actually what we are moving to, Triol`s team is doomed to succeed in this process and come up with the best solutions in the nearest time.

Promise to keep you updated.

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