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Daria Getsman

Daria Getsman

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VSD start in Latin America


Hello my Dear readers.

Let me share with you my impressions about Trip to Latin America where I started Triol Drives.

Together with our partners from Smart Process we overcame long and difficult way to the final destination. It took more than 7 hours, although we traveled only 300 km. We drove through the mountains and in some places the height was 3.000 meters above sea level.

First couple days we spent on familiarization with VSD functional features and operation modes. Client services personal was very impressed by our constructive drives, because they are used to see the usual drive with additional functional modules as opposed to the Triol drives where all main components are separated, and it’s easy to change.

On third day we went to the well, where made a VSD installation connecting the transformers and external sensors as well as verifying the operation with customers SCADA system. This process was extremely hard for me because of jungle. The temperature was about 100 F, rainy and a lot of mosquitoes, but after VSD starting all this issues go away.

All of us were very happy, everything works like a watch and we made some picture with look of pleasure faces. In the remaining days we started one more well, made the meetings with final customers and presented a new technology from Triol like LESP and DHS with thru shaft.

To be honest without Roman and Andderson, our partners from SPG, I would not “survive” in LA.

Now I am planning a business trip to LA to find new market opportunities and will keep you informed.

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