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What is controller in the Drive?


Hello Dear Readers,

Let me continue my line of blogs with concern to the most important question to my mind.

The topic is electrical equipment controller types, their important role in electrical equipment, interchangeability and interface.

What is controller in the Drive? It is same to car passenger compartment from where the driver controls car, same to cockpit in the airplane, same to Windows at your PC. These all give us possibility to control something big with a lot of different electrical and mechanical parts by switching few buttons or wheel rolling.

Same controller in VSD’s gives us opportunity to control something big on the distance of 3 and more kilometers underground. It is amazing… We are putting high capacity 10 meter length pump and motor for oil pumping underground and controlling this entire system by small, not bigger than iPad control panel.

VSD’s manufacturers, same as iOS and Android compete with the controllers. How easy to use, how many stages operator need to pass for equipment adjustment, friendly interface, information content etc.

Triol, as a professional manufacturer of VSD’s fully understands that one of the main things in the Drives as well as it is technical parameters is control panel, because after installation it will be the only one system which will be used directly by operator for control and data reading.

Right now we are on stage of the next generation controller designing. Triol UMKA controller really informative, all information goes in text not code, everything could be read from screen without any additional pack of literature needed for operator to carry. But from other side, after getting some requirements from the customers, we found out that adjusting of the Drive is pretty difficult procedure. This was good for 2000’s but now it is 2016 and we are on the way to the new controller development which will allow operator to set up and make the first run just by pressing several buttons and making some short adjustments.

Why we are doing this? We want our controller to become the best friend of operator and make his life easier.

We already receive requests and even manufacturing VSD’s with possibility installation of the controllers by other manufacturers. We understand intention of customers and partners to provide field operator with same controller they are used to operate tens of years. To push them to new controller is really difficult challenge, as if you give loyal Android user new iOS. It will take time for adoption to new software and control type.

Solution – is to give them control system which does not require complex adoption. Just provide operator with instruction, few adjustment steps and few questions with YES/NO answer and you can push START button – that’s how the controller of the future looks and works like. All the rest will be done by the software.

I will be glad to know your point regarding controller of the future, so we can provide this information to our R&D and make sure all your thoughts will be implemented in next generation controller.

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