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What Triol can offer to Chinese oil sector?


I kept asking myself this question before visiting China, since half of all products in Ukraine were made in China… Seems like they can produce everything and at the lowest cost. However, I was pretty surprised…

Hi everyone!

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have already read my previous posts about my first impressions about China (you can read it here) and about Chinese exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai (click here).

This time I would like to share with you the information on how we are going to enter the Chinese oil market.

First of all, I would like to emphasize that China can produce everything and with the best price in the world. That’s why every producer needs to understand that in order to sell anything in China one needs to have an innovative product. The product, which gives the customer additional value. The top quality product.

Here in Triol Corporation we have huge brains! We call it R&D department. Out of 760 employees in our company, 150 are R&D guys (technical engineers and software developers). We really appreciate their work. Thanks to them we have such products as Linear ESP, multipurpose VSD, active harmonic filters, several models of gauges, different modifications of medium-voltage VSD’s.

Since my first meetings with oil companies it has become clear that downhole sensors (gauges) by Triol should be in a huge demand in China. Local production is poor here and quality is not acceptable by oil producers and oil service companies. That’s why lots of local companies are interested in cooperation with Triol. Especially, considering that our gauges have a long history on CIS market, we have successfully passed tests in the United States and now we’re approved by global service companies.

Someone may say: “So what? Lots of companies can do that!”. Yes, we agree with that. However, the important thing is that Triol can offer additional value. While world famous producers have typical products with serial production, Triol always offers customized solutions (remember my blog about customization of Triol products?).

In our vocabulary, we now have such word as «typical». There are more than enough «typicals» on the market. We, on the contrary, bring fresh ideas, brand new solutions and technologies. The same refers to all our product range, including gauges. Our unique product – a downhole sensor with thru shaft – has no substitutes in the world. We provide so many options in designing, in types of materials, etc. These are the reasons why customers choose Triol.

The last but not least is that we offer cost effective solutions with fair price. Triol completely understands customers’ needs and satisfies them.

Please contact us anytime for more details about Triol Corporation and our products or put your questions as a comment to this blog.

To get information about the range of gauges click here or download the datasheet here. To see what else we can offer please visit this page.

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