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Daria Getsman

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Why it is important to work with the end users?


Let me share with You some information about how the distribution of medium voltage drive (MV Drive) is going on.

From producer of MV Drive (or its part like inverter, controller etc.) to end user there could be a long chain of market players. We can hear lots of players like system integrators, EPC, plant builders, complete suppliers, machinery OEMs or regular trading companies/local representatives.

On the world market 67% of all MV drives are selling through OEMs, around 28% is EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) – including distribution and only 5% are end users.

Triol being a high-developed technological and production Company always trying to cooperate with end users. This is a key goal. There are several reasons why.

First of all Triol is not looking for easy ways… I’m just kidding. The really thing that it is the most profitable segment (no traders, no agents etc). Second is we can communicate directly to the Consumer of the equipment and get high quality feedback «from the first hands». The second one is really important for Triol.

You see, Triol has a huge R&D department with own team of software developers. It’s our great advantage that we have opportunity to offer the product which is fully customized. For every Customer we are ready to propose exclusive product. Product which we could call his product, designed specially for him. And to achieve it we need to cooperate closely with every Customer.

Triol has a lot of success stories how to work with end users. One of them is cooperation with Khazakhmys Energy when Triol found the best solution – MV variable frequency drive for pumping system. Day to day coordinated teamwork, competent questions and high quality feedback let us to a great results. Triol offered the drive which is fully acceptable for the end user. We solved such difficulties like exclusion of pressure hammers, positive suction bead increase, reduction of valves runout with throttle control and many others.

This is the most important thing – to hear the Customer and to offer not just product but customized solution!

What success stories do You have with the Partners which brings You to gorgeous results?

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