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Why LESP: 5 reasons why LESP is better than SRP


Triol complete solution for marginal and unconventional wells and wells with high viscosity based on unique LESP system allows to improve the traditional methods of oil production. And this solution has no analogs on the market.

And here’re 5 reasons why our LESP is the best solution:

Reason number 1. Environmental factors do not affect the process.



Impurities have little effect on the operation of the pump and on the formation of deposits in the valves. Built-in gravitational gas separator allows working in wells with a high gas factor. Regardless of the depth, the total length of LESP submerged block is 20 m. Moreover, there are no shafts for which the angle of curvature is critical during operation. This increases the maneuverability of the submerged part and makes it possible to use LESP in curved wells.

There is no possibility of working in a highly polluted environment. Sucker rod pumps are not applicable in inclined, horizontal and deviated vertical wells.

Reason number 2. LESP is able to work in deeper and curved wells.



Due to linear motor regulation of frequency and speed of the plunger feature, VSD is able to adjust the parameters automatically, based on actual current conditions in the well – oil inflow, its viscosity, and temperature.There is a limitation on the depth of the pump – up to 1500 m.

Reason number 3. LESP design provides permanent operation between TBO period.



Due to frequency and speed of the plunger regulation, LESP adjusts such work rate that provides continuous production and there’s no need to shut down the whole system.To replace the pump, it is necessary to lift the plunger first, and then the tubing with the cylinder. TBO strongly depends on well parameters (curvature, suspension angle, depth of suspension, viscosity).

Reason number 4. LESP works at great depths, where SRP cannot operate.



When mining from a depth of 2000-2700 m, the same amount of oil is spent which is 1.5 times less than energy efficiency.SRP does not work at great depths (200 m or less). Operation of the pump at great depths is difficult and well operation is ineffective. As a consequence, more electricity is spent on lifting the same amount of oil.

Reason number 5. LESP includes built-in Downhole Measuring System.



There’s a built-in Downhole Measuring System as part of the submersible linear motor.DMS is not built in SRP. They must be purchased and installed separately.

Summarizing, a complete solution based on Triol LESP is your optimal choice for increasing efficiency and profitability of oil production on marginal wells fund.

Triol Corporation – reliable electrical equipment for your oil production!

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