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Good day, dear readers!

In our blog, we consider a variety of topics to be discussed and here I propose to focus on the most interesting and relevant topics.
And today, I propose to talk about PCP pumps.

Oh yes, about pumps based on the principles opened even in ancient times by such great scientists as Archimedes and Leonardo Da Vinci. And despite the fact that the principle and the liquid recovery mechanism by means of a reverse screw, as old as the hills it is still relevant.

What do we offer to work with PCP systems:
Our variable speed drives built on the principle of LEGO – originally designed as a universal solution. This means that they are able to work with PCP having as submersible motor as ground one, or even asynchronous and PMM (by the way, I heard that our Partners have low speed motors that are perfect for such decisions).
In addition, variable speed drives are equipped with leads for connection of braking resistors and units. You can use both types of resistors the one you have or offered on our decision. It also may include a sine filter and depending on the application (recall that VSD Triol AK06 is a universal solution that can operate with both PCP and ESP). And financial benefits become obvious.

This is a very small part of what I would like to tell. Rather, it’s an offer you to start a dialogue and discuss the challenges you face and solutions you need …

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