Advancing Triol Products Quality System
Roman Korniiuk

Roman Korniiuk

Client Support Specialist

11 / 05 / 2020 40 Views
  • Product news

What the word quality means to you? Does it go deeper than just looking good, no failures? Ask yourself, because here, at Triol, we have our own vision of quality products.

Our full production cycle makes it possible to control each step of product development meaning we know how it’s done from the development of the idea to commissioning. Our equipment is designed for different industry sectors, and the demands are pretty high, but we know just what to do.

To ensure the top quality we design new test units and systems and it’s time to bring big news! In addition to all the tests we carry out before commissioning we’ve recently developed a brand new system for temperature test! No doubt the VSD works in harsh climatic conditions, Downhole sensors are ready for high-temperature wells more than ever!

Do not hesitate, purchase our products and see it for yourself!

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