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The world of industrial equipment is evolving exceptionally it raises the importance of patenting solutions which is vital for a successful manufacturer as Triol Corporation. Learn more about our patented solutions right down below.

Method of controlling synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets

Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol EP01

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System and method for forced air cooling of electrical device

Variable Speed Drive Triol AK06

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  • Variable Speed Drive AK06
  • Downhole Measuring System TM01
  • Linear Electrical Submersible Pump EP01
  • Variable Speed Drive Triol AT24
  • Variable Frequency Drive AT27

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  • Cooling method of power semiconductor devices
  • Method of protection against electric shock
  • Variable Speed Drive device with a passive filter of split design
  • Active power filter
  • Variable speed drive cabinet with an active filter-compensating device
  • Cooling device for a variable speed drive cabinet
  • Modular high-voltage device
  • Quick-detachable power cells
  • Variable frequency drive
  • The plate heat exchanger of electrical device
  • Dust and moisture removal device for electrical equipment
  • Universal microprocessor controller

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  • Downhole Measuring System of a submersible pump
  • Downhole Measuring device of a submersible pump
  • Well measuring device associated with a shaft
  • Method of cooling downhole measuring device
  • Method for obtaining measured data and a system for its implementation
  • Telemetry system and method for cooling downhole electronics

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  • Linear permanent magnet motor driven downhole plunger pumping unit
  • Double acting linear electric submersible pump and method for its operation
  • Linear Electric Submersible Pump unit
  • Method of connecting a power cable to a submersible motor and a device for its implementation
  • Method of centering and sealing cable to a movable part of a linear electric pump
  • Stator of linear electric submersible pumping unit and method of its operation
  • Linear drive of electric submersible motor
  • Measurement device of an electric submersible unit
  • Electric submersible unit filled with oil
  • Valve of a pumping unit
  • Method and system for damping submersible pump unit linear motor
  • Method for oil extraction maximization using a submersible linear motor
  • Dynagraph test method for linear electric submersible motor
  • Submersible pumping apparatus, comprising linear electric motor and double action pump
  • Cable connection

Patents Learn more about TRIOL AT24 arrow_right_alt

  • Wireless electrical transmission device with a bilateral communication channel
  • Hoisting tool
  • Power cell design
  • Cabinet for complete variable frequency drive
  • Liquid cooling system

Patents Learn more about TRIOL AT27 arrow_right_alt

  • Method of a magnetic circuit manufacturing
  • Apparatus and method for measuring high-voltage
  • Test stand for medium-voltage variable frequency drives
  • Switching compartment of an electrical device
  • Variable frequency drive and method of cooling a sealed housing of the variable frequency drive
  • Medium-voltage variable frequency drive
  • Device for measuring high-voltage
  • Power cells protection device