While browsing Triol Corporation websites, consideration must be given to the fact that some information in the form of a “cookie” is stored on your terminal device in order to save particular data and settings for interaction with the websites by means of a browser installed on your device. Literally, “cookies” constitute small data pieces placed onto your device by the websites.

Cookies are used to maintain correct operation of the websites, as well as to improve your experience of their visiting. Firstly, cookies help us to amend the websites for a better match with your interests, for example storing your password to avoid its re-entering for the next times. Cookies are widely used in order to set websites to work or to improve their efficiency. Also cookies may provide the website owners with some of marketing information.

Please note that we never collect any of your personal data by means of “cookies”, except where you have given us your express permission for it.

In cases when you do not want your device to be recognized by our website, you are able to set your browser in such a way that it will erase all the cookies data, block it or submit a notification prior to any cookies storage. Simultaneously you should notice that in this instance our website may operate incorrectly. Also blocking third parties cookies results in total disable of the function on all the websites you visit, so you need to ensure your option is made correctly on every particular website.

Triol Corporation websites use cookies as following

  1. to collect and store data you have entered into our websites in order to avoid its subsequent input every next time you visit the website
  2. to collect and process data about the way you browse our websites in order to understand and improve your experience of using our websites
  3. to personalize the websites in accordance with your preferences and settings
  4. to obtain reports on delivery of information send to you via emails and achieve evidences if you find our letters useful or not
  5. to deliver some advertisement or informational messages that we suppose you will find helpful and interesting

Types of cookies used on Triol Corporation websites

Strictly Necessary Cookies

This type of cookies is essential to ensure this website operation and allows you to use the features on this website. We are not able to provide some services requested when those are blocked. They include for instance remembering your previous actions to navigate back to a previous page.

Functionality Cookies

This type of cookies collects information about your choices within the site. It helps us to tailor the website for your convenience. This for instance includes your location set, user ID, or language selection, which we use to switch it automatically next time you visit our website in accordance with your first choice.

Performance Cookies

This type of cookies is used for internal necessities and namely helps us to provide you with improved user experience. For example, the performance cookies may include information on the Internet browsers and operating systems, previously visited website domain name, number of visits, average duration of visit, etc. We can understand better the way visitors use our website due to these cookies. This influences the way we display the content of the website. It is possible to turn off the performance cookies anytime you want, but please notice that this may affect our understanding of your behavior determining either you like or dislike something about our website and as a result we lose an opportunity to readjust some of our website flaws.

Advertising Cookies

This type of cookies is used to improve content submitted to you, basing on your specific interests. Also it is permissible for us to use some tracking pixels utilized to help us to deliver our online advertising campaigns, which becomes possible by using this type of cookies. Please notice that all the data we receive is anonymous, which makes it impossible to address you directly. You may opt out the advertising cookies feature, but notice that regardless of opting out of these cookies will not prevent displaying adverts online. This results in the event that the advertisements displayed to you won’t be tailored to your interests.

Third Party Cookies

Our websites may contain some services or software (for example videos, maps. etc.) held by third parties. These third parties may set cookies for your device either in accordance with their policies. You may configure cookies settings used by the third parties by setting their own tools in order to block them.

Methods for deactivation the cookies option may include configuring your browser settings. This means that if you want to block any type of cookies, you may perform this in your browser settings by changing them correspondingly. You are allowed to turn off some or all of the cookies. At the same time, please, notice that by blocking all cookies, you may restrain your access to some or all of our website functions.

If you still have any questions about our Cookies Policy, please feel free to contact us and send any questions and suggestions.

The Cookies Policy herein is to be updated on a periodic basis. Please check the date of the latest update at the top of this page.