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VESPER™ powered by Triol

Linear Electric Submersible Pump

Presented in Collaboration Between Triol and Valiant Artificial Lift Solutions

Triol and Valiant have partnered to introduce the VESPER Linear ESP, a unique production system designed to optimize oil production in late-stage unconventional wells. The VESPER LESP introduces a unique dual-action plunger pump that provides greater efficiency and improved gas handling, as compared to a traditional rod pump. The integrated sensor and automation systems allow the unit to optimize production on its own once drawdown targets are set. Featuring a simple design, the primary components of the linear electric submersible pumping system are a submersible plunger pump with a built-in gravity gas separator, a linear permanent magnet motor (LPMM), a downhole sensor module integrated into the motor design, and a variable speed drive (VSD) controller at the surface.

A Natural Progression from ESP, a Better Alternative to Rod Lift

The VESPER Linear ESP system is suited for wells producing up to 240 bpd, which makes it an ideal candidate to pick up where traditional Electric Submersible Pumping systems drop off. In contrast to rod lift, the Linear ESP’s power train is contained within the 40-ft downhole motor, thus eliminating costs associated with rod damage in deviated wellbores.

Product line

LESP VESPER™ consists of the following units: Variable Speed Drive (VSD), Linear permanent magnet motor (LPMM) with a downhole sensor module, Submersible plunger pump (SPP), and built-in gravity gas separator.

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    ISO 9001: 2015
  • certif triol

Distinctive benefits

Motor Temperature Rating

  • 302 F (150 C)

Head Lift

  • Up to 9500 ft

Surface Controller

  • 6 Pulse, 187-471 KVA, NEMA 4 Enclosure, 97% efficiency at full load

Corrosion Resistance

  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials for wells with high chemical activity

Pump Operation

  • The unique dual-action plunger pump produces fluid on upstroke and downstroke, stabilizing reservoir pressure for smoother oil recovery


  • Special control algorithms can regulate flow from 10-240 bpd based on dynamic sensing of wellbore parameters

Gas Separation

  • Built-in gravitational gas separator with additional gas separator enables unit to reach 75-85% efficiency

Sand & Solids

  • Sand screen at pump intake reduces the volume of solids entering the pump, thus protecting equipment from blockages or critical abrasive wear

Remote Surveillance

  • Integrates with cloud surveillance platforms to allow remote operator controls and performance monitoring, including the output of Dyna Card for upstroke & downstroke monitoring

Downhole Sensor

  • Integrated with the motor, the VESPER system measures parameters including pump intake temperature & pressure, motor temperature, vibration, and insulation resistance

VESPER™ Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol - a perfect solution for unconventional wells

VESPER™ Linear Electrical Submersible Pump (LESP) is an innovative method designed to increase oil production in the most profitable way. This means an increase in fluid production, an increase of oil share in the fluid, a decrease in the specific energy consumption per cubic meter of lifted fluid.

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