Combined Efficient Production with Complicating Factor
Oleg Kozak

Oleg Kozak

Export Sales Team Leader

05 / 04 / 2020 42 Views
  • Innovation

We are eager to share our ideas on oil production methods and how we can enhance your production with our solutions.

Difficulties provoke great ideas, that’s why we love to solve the most challenging task in our own innovative way.

Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol EP01 is a perfect alternative to traditional ESP and SRP technologies. Triol LESP EP01 successfully operates in unconventional, inclined, deviated wells, as wells as with complicating factors such as hydrate blockage.

Formation of hydrate blockage overlapping the cross-section or annulus of the flush pipes is one of the complicating factors affecting well productivity.

Here, in Triol, we developed a complete solution that increases well efficiency with automatic non-stop well operation.

The solution builds a strong combination of flowing by heads and mechanical methods of oil production.

Let’s spill some details step by step and find out about one of the ingredients of EP01 success!

Firstly, there is a submersible pumping unit at the bottom of the lifting pipe, in addition, there is an offset link between the pumping unit and lifting pipe inlet. The offset link serves as a flow separator containing a valve and dividing channels for passing the fluid from the cavity into the lifting pipe.

Moreover, we simplified the structural design that led to faster equipment installation, as well as ensuring autonomous non-stop operation.

There are more and more to be discussed, follow the news and learn more advantageous details about innovative Triol LESP EP01.

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