Tri-line power cable for electric submersible pump
Oleg Kozak

Oleg Kozak

Export Sales Team Leader

03 / 05 / 2020 48 Views
  • Innovation

Various configurations of submersible electric motors cause the search for new cable connection devices for the electric conductors of such motors with an external cable.

The list of the existing disadvantages of such devices includes pumping dielectric fluid through the cavity of the cable connections which adversely affects the pressure compensation device installed in the motor.

Triol specially designed Tri-line power cable for linear electric submersible motor contains three holes connected to the linear electric motor, each contains one electric conductor for supplying power to the motor, a cable lug connected to the electric conductor, and an insulator covering the cable lug.

Moreover, such a cable connection contains cavities pre-filled with dielectric oil, and there are a lot of ring elastomers between the insulator and the cable terminal to prevent overflow of the pre-filled dielectric oil.

Our development ensures maintenance of the required pressure in comparison with the well-known solutions. Both dielectric fluid and formation fluid do not flow into the submersible linear motor. Tri-line power cable provides the possibility of preliminary dielectric oil filling thus creating the necessary conditions for its successful operation before installation at the well.

All these factors help to easily achieve the highest results reducing the complexity of implementation.

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