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TRIOL AT24 line SR

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vfd well pump, technology automation, industrial automation solutions, abb variable frequency drive

Distinctive benefits

-40 ºC…+50 ºC

Operating temperature

IP55 (NEMA3R) / NEMA4/IP65


removable graphic terminal

Induction supply or SRP controller


Input circuit breaker

Remote control terminal

Transient graphs

About product

Specially designed high-tech solution

Variable Frequency Drive Triol AT24 line SR is specially designed for high technological tasks of controlling sucker rod pumps (SRP) with induction motors. Implementing Triol AT24 VFD line SR there is no need to use a rod load sensor, thanks to Triol special algorithms, which allow getting dynamograms with a measurement error of less than 2%.

Automatic flow rate optimization

There is no need to use braking resistors due to drive automatic adaptation to the rod pumping speed. Rocking mill balancing control system and rocking mill mechanical part diagnostic system allows monitoring system status and perform maintenance in time. Automatic flow rate optimization makes it easy to maintain the rate at the optimal level by controlling the well dynamics. It is possible to optimize the process due to archives of dynamograms. The archived data is accessible over the years, whenever you need it.

Remote monitoring and control

Safe operation of Triol AT24 VFD line SR is ensured by blocking from unauthorized pump start and change of system key settings, as well as light and sound alerts for personnel before operation start. Remote monitoring and control via GSM-modem compatible with any application make it easy and convenient for maintenance personnel. It is possible to control the drive via satellite communication as well.


Input voltage, V 3х380 / 3х480/ 3×690 (-15 % …+10 %)
Input frequency, Hz 50 / 60 (-5 %…+5 %)


Output current, A 8.8 … 150
Output frequency, Hz 0.5…400
Frequency resolution, Hz 0.1
Acceleration / deceleration time, s 1 …4000
Overcurrent characteristics 150 % of rated value for 60 sec
Efficiency, % >97

Motor control

Control methods V/f (volts-per-hertz) (5 reference point) sensorless vector control (open-loop) sensor vector control (close-loop)
PWM frequency, kHz 2…10
Speed range 1:100 in open-loop system 1:1000 in closed-loop system
Speed accuracy (static) ±10% of motor nominal slip in open-loop system ±0.1 % of rated speed in close-loop system
Torque accuracy ±10% in open-loop system ± 5 % in close-loop system
Braking By frequency



Acceleration / deceleration types S-curve, linear (3 reference points)


Terminal Options: 

Removable graphic terminal with induction power / SRP controller with 3.5″ or 7″ touchscreen

Light alarm “Ready”; “Run”;” Fault”, “Control channel”
Push buttons “Start”; “Stop”; “Program”, navigation keys

Control signals

Customer supply 10 V DC, up to 30 mA 24 V DC, up to 150 mA
Number of discrete inputs 8
Discrete inputs programmable
Discrete inputs type 24 V
Number of relay outputs 4
Relay outputs type 250 V, 1 A
Number of analog inputs 2, open collector
Analog inputs Programmable 0…10 V / 0…5 mA / 4…20 mA
Number of analog outputs 1
Analog outputs Programmable 0…10 V / 0…5 mA / 4…20 mA


Physical Interface 2 wire RS-485 for Modbus
Communication protocols Modbus RTU
Frame transmission 115200 bps by default 1200 -250000 bps
Data format 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Number of addresses 1…255 for Modbus
Access Slave


Supply protections Phase loss, phase sequence fault
Motor protections Overcurrent



Phase loss

Current unbalance

Encoder open circuit

Brake resistor open circuit

VFD protections Overload, Overheating, DC-link undervoltage, DC-link overvoltage, Power switch failure
Protections provided SRP controller Gearbox torque limit

Limiting the effects of gas

Limiting the minimum load on the bar

Limit the maximum load on the bar

Restriction of the minimum and maximum filling of the pump

Insulation Galvanic isolation between power and user circuits
Insulation resistance >1 MQ


Circuit breaker Built-in
DC-link Up to 11 kW: option, built-in From 15 kW: built-in
Braking IGBT- chopper Up to 11 kW: built-in From 15 kW: option, built-in
Input EMC filter (C2) Option, built-in
GSM / GPRS wireless router Option, built-in

Optional equipment

Input passive harmonic filter Option, outdoor
Braking resistors Option, outdoor
Output sine filter Option, outdoor


Enclosure IP55
Cabinet material Steel
Cooling Forced air
Noise level, @ 1 m, dB(A) <75
Installation Floor mounting
Maintenance One-side
Cable entry Bottom

Operating conditions

Operating conditions Outdoor
Operating temperature -40…+50 °C (-40…+122 F)
Storage temperature -50…+60 °C (-50…+140 F)
Relative humidity, % from 5 to 90 non condensing
Altitude, m up to 1000 m – rated power above 1000 m – with reduced power