Triol Brand Book 2020: a new branding vision
27 / 05 / 2020 2102 Views
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With a growing pandemic having the upper hand globally, our life slowed down a bit. COVID-19 brought many changes in our lives and we’re all going to need a clean sheet of paper. We start to reconsider our actions, dreams, and goals. We’re sure we’re not putting a “stop” sign on developing and advancing our technologies and approach. Triol has a way to give things a new start by holding a strategic session each January.

The 2020 January session opened new horizons and we knew from the start that things have to change. We made a decision in the direction of a game-changing market strategy and a new branding vision.

As a result, on April 15th, we officially released a new drastic Triol Brand Book.

The first part of the brand book helps to understand the atmosphere of the company and its essence. The second part describes how Triol positions itself in the market, the desired format for relations with the market, and the target audience. The third part contains information on how, where, and using what tools we're going to keep abreast of the current state. We’re gladly sharing this huge work with you and hope our Brand Book helps you to understand us more. If you want to know how we’re going to act you’re welcome to download a cut version of Triol Brand Book by clicking the link here.

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