Triol Training program for newcomers
20 / 12 / 2023 3773 Views
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For more than 10 years Triol has been conducting training for new employees: Effective Communication and Effective Company Technologies.

The main idea of this training is to practice the basic skills of communication between people in a game form, taking into account the working conditions in a multinational and multilingual company + to learn how to use the company's technologies that allow you to solve problems effectively and find resources to improve your communication skills.

One of the tasks of the training and the main challenge is to solve a real problem of one of Triol's departments. And it is extremely interesting to solve a complex problem in a new team that speaks different languages, each of the team brings its own ideas and solutions to the issue and as a result of discussions an unexpected solution is born, which can then be implemented.


The skills acquired during this training will help Triol Corporation employees to better communicate with each other, as well as help them get to know their colleagues and understand the organizational structure of the company.


It also introduces the basic rules of effective communication within the company in a very short period of time, i.e. Colleagues who have completed this training quickly and accurately learn how to conduct business as well as employees who have already worked longer than newcomers.

The main points that are practiced during the training:

Introduction of requirements for information exchange and the quality of its transfer, which ensures that the best decisions are made in time. Team building. Familiarization with the Company's values and forming your attitude to them. Practicing the Company's technologies on simple tasks from the Company's practice.


The training not only enhances internal communication within Triol but also plays a crucial role in improving communication with external stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, partners, and others. This is achieved through the development of essential skills, including effective self-presentation, showcasing individual work results, presenting team achievements, and honing negotiation skills when interacting with the mentioned external parties.

This is a program that we " brought" as an effective technology for adapting newcomers and it works in Poland with the same efficiency as it worked in Ukraine!