E-Cabinet solution for oil production on offshore platforms
21 / 11 / 2023 2885 Views
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We have finished the first technical training for engineers from Mexico.

So now 5 engineers from VMS Energy de México can provide their current customers with exclusive service and support on the ongoing projects.


What education-training project included:

🎓 Theoretical part 18 hours of theory included: Introduction to E-Cabinet and basic knowledge of E-Cabinet,, Construction and Installation, In-Depth Unit and Component Analysis, UMKA07 Menu Familiarization, Commissioning Parameters, Alarms Setting, Main Parts Replacement, Service Software Introduction.

🔧 Practical part: 18 hours of practicing the acquired knowledge on troubleshooting.

Engineers worked on the following practical parts: Troubleshooting Logic, No Load Start, Start on Motor Without Load,Start on Motor with Load, Troubleshooting Practice.

This part was based on the knowledge about the main units and log file analysis.

photo_2023-11-15 10.09.28.jpeg

Engineers worked on several problems with troubleshooting real connected equipment in our production using the E-Cabinet. They also worked with setting the equipment up and commissioning while solving the issues that might occur.

photo_2023-11-15 10.09.32.jpeg

The engineers were totally satisfied with the course itself as with the material supply technology and especially with the testing of all possible issues and malfunctions on real equipment at the stand.

And we are already waiting for the next guests to come to our production; for questions about training for your engineers, write to us: or@triolcorp.com