The advantages of patented technologies of Triol’s hermetic VFD.
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The advantages of patented technologies of Triol’s hermetic VFD.

Increased requirements are imposed on VFDs that work at mining, processing, and metallurgical enterprises; they need to be capable of operating in conditions that have high levels of conductive or coal dust. The equipment must operate properly in conditions of high humidity or in an environment containing aggressive gases, such as sulfuric acid and others.

In this case, the housing of the frequency drive must be hermetic. But the heat losses generated inside the frequency drive reach up to 2.5–2.75% of the frequency drive power itself (for example, with a power of 2,000 kW, up to 55 kW of heat must be removed from the hermetic protective housing to the outside).

The technical solution and principle of operation of the patented forced-air -cooling system remove the need for traditional air filters in variable frequency drive housing. The innovative technology for cooling the internal compartment of Triol AT27 medium-voltage frequency drives, developed and implemented by the Triol Corporation, prevents contact of the external environment with the electronics units inside the frequency drive housing.

The innovative design and construction of the drive’s housing provides all-round access to the main components and electronic components. The duct layout of the dual-circuit cooling system ensures continuous circulation of the cooling air with the lowest resistance.

The transformer construction and powerful power cells, with parallel cooling of semiconductor modules, help ensure the Triol AT27 MV line continues to function in high ambient temperatures.

The use of hermetically sealed air radiators in the Triol frequency drives provides:

  • the ability to install the frequency drive in an unprepared room or on the street;
  • the ability to install the VFD on offshore drilling platforms;
  • operation of the VFD in conditions of high humidity and high levels of stone or conductive dust;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • a wide operating temperature range.

The described set of innovative design solutions implemented in the MV line of Triol AT27 medium-voltage frequency drives ensure protection of the case according to the IP66 standard. Additionally, the printed circuit boards are covered with a protective compound and the air ducts are equipped with a system for monitoring, extracting, and removing excess moisture from the inner space of the sealed case of the drive.

The Triol AT27 VFD MV line is ideal for controlling drives of mechanisms such as conveyors, rolling mills, ball mills, and smoke exhausters, which operate in dirty conditions and on high loads.

The enclosure of the MV line of Triol AT27 frequency drives is IP66 rated and is intended for operation inside unprepared premises or outdoors, at an ambient temperature from -40°C to +60°C and humidity up to 90%. An optional MV line is available with an operating temperature range of -60°C to +40°C.

Picture of various versions of the MV line of Triol AT27 frequency drive.

At the same time, the frequency drive is ready for turnkey installation, and does not require any additional arrangements for approval, performance of special thermal calculations, design work, or additional permits.

You can find more details on the design and technical characteristics of the Triol AT27 VFD MV line in the catalog.

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