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Today we want to talk about our Triol AT24 SD frequency drives, which have unique capabilities and ease to use.

Triol AT24 SD - equipment that is perfect for automatic control of a wide range of production machines, mechanisms and complexes with asynchronous motors in various technological processes. Triol AT24 SD has the ability to connect with various expansion units and is designed to control pumps, air conditioning systems, compression pulsers and other electric drives for special and general industrial purposes with power from 110 kW to 1600 kW, voltage 380/480/690 V.

High efficiency and non-stop operation are the most important characteristics of a product, aren't they? We have developed frequency drives for operation in difficult conditions: crushers, mills, etc. Kinetic redundancy of Triol AT24 SD is the latest technical solution that guarantees a non-stop technological process even with a complete loss of supply voltage.

Also, one of the advantages is compactness. The Triol AT24 SD frequency converter can be installed in small rooms and easily implemented in the existing infrastructure, which doesn`t affect its power and working in a wide temperature range: -40 ° С - + 50 ° С (without reducing performance) increases the possibilities of installation sites.

Triol AT24 SD is easy to use. Replacement time for main components:

  • power cell - 1 hour;
  • fan - 20 min;
  • air filter - 10 min.
  • Filters and fans can be changed during the operation of the inverter, and the Triol AT24 SD frequency drive can be configured from a smartphone using the Wi-Fi Wizard for 10 minutes. Now you do not need to read the technical documentation to configure the VFD. Each step is described in the smartphone!

We stay strong in the pursuit of your goals and continue to work to ensure that our products are as efficient and convenient as possible. Follow the news!

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