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Features of the Triol vector mode

The Triol AT27 software provides both sensorless vector mode and vector mode via a feedback sensor (encoder). The Triol AT27 software also allows you to select the type of motor for which you want to provide vector mode. Today, AT27 successfully controls asynchronous and synchronous valve (including submersible) motors. This allows one to use an AT27 to control a wide range of electric motors that may be in operation at the end user. Plus, there is no need to install a VFD with other functionality, as all that is necessary for operation is available in the Triol AT27 software product.

What does Triol vector mode provide? Motor torque limitation

The vector mode with proprietary algorithms for motor torque limitation and motor speed control in the Triol frequency drives provides reliable protection against motor overload and shaft breaking.

For example, if a crusher is loaded with hard-to-crush material, the motor generates a lot of torque. When the value of torque generated by the motor reaches the limit value, the VFD reduces the motor speed to ensure a safe value of torque and the motor current.

Torque limitation algorithm

Torque limitation at 200% of nominal, followed by motor shaft speed limitation. Exact maintenance of motor torque and speed The author's vector mode meets the high demands of end-users in terms of maintaining such important technical parameters as the speed of rotation of the electric motor and torque.

Energy Efficient Control The author's vector mode reduces power consumption of the driven unit by up to 20% as compared to scalar control by optimizing the magnetic flux of the electric motor.

Sharing the load between motors

In the case of the parallel connection of motors having equal speeds of perfect idling and connected by a common mechanical shaft, the load between them is shared in proportion to the rigidity of their mechanical characteristics. The motor with the rigid characteristic will be overloaded, as can be seen from the figure the greater load.

The Thiol author's vector mode allows the user to spread the load evenly between two or more motors working for the same load. This algorithm is performed when two or more VFDs are linked through digital communication channels and operate in master/slave mode.


Triol's technical solutions allow for an excellent package offering to end-users of drive technology. vector mode is integrated into various specialized software packages for the oil, mining and metallurgical industries, giving them unique opportunities to expand the technological capabilities of end-user companies, creating a competitive advantage that allows them to achieve their objectives in the market.

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