Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01: new generation of surface unit
15 / 04 / 2020 1653 Views
  • New developments

We never stop advancing our solutions, walking side by side with modern technologies.

Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-05 is a well-known high-accurate oil production equipment, a sustainable and optimal solution for processing, collecting, and displaying well parameters.

Let us introduce you to the latest development Triol Surface Card – an enhanced surface unit. Combining benefits of the latest version, Triol Surface Card is a whole new compact and vital part of Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-05. Equipped with color display, event log, Wi-Fi, and digital inputs for transmitting alarms directly to the controller, Triol Surface Card is an outstanding benefit of Triol TM01-05!

Contact our specialist for more detailed information about Triol Surface Card.

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