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Triol places utmost importance on the functionality of machines at customers' sites. The company recognizes that the reliable and efficient operation of its products is essential for customer satisfaction. Here's how Triol ensures the functionality of E-Cabinet at customer sites.

Comprehensive Testing: Triol conducts rigorous testing of its products at various stages to ensure their performance and functionality.

This includes testing individual components such as transformers and floors separately, as well as conducting comprehensive tests when the product is fully assembled. These tests cover a range of parameters, including vibration tests, insulation resistance tests, transformer ratio tests, and no-load losses. By subjecting the products to these tests, Triol ensures that they meet high-quality standards and perform optimally.

Electrical Circuit Checking: During the testing phase, Triol performs thorough checks of the electrical circuits in its VFDs, transformers and compartments.

This involves assessing the insulation resistance of all circuits and conducting stress tests to verify their performance under demanding conditions. Additionally, functional tests are carried out on both internal and external systems, including fire alarms and ventilation systems, to ensure their proper functioning.

Thermal Testing: Triol conducts thermal tests on E-Cabinet to assess its performance under high-temperature conditions. For example, E-Cabinets undergo testing at a temperature of +45 degrees Celsius, simulating challenging environments.

These tests aim to demonstrate that the equipment can operate flawlessly and maintain nominal parameters without interruption for extended periods, such as 24 hours, meeting the requirements of customers.

IP66 Testing: To ensure protection against water ingress, Triol performs IP66 testing on its products.

This involves subjecting the machines to a flow of water with a specific volume and pressure. The purpose is to verify that there are no leaks or water spills inside the product.

Triol ensures the integrity of its products by utilizing components with appropriate IP66 water protection ratings, including rubber seals, cabinet locks, indicator lamps, and other certified elements.

Secure Packaging: Triol pays special attention to packaging its products to ensure safe transportation to the customer's premises. The company follows specific packaging requirements to minimize the risk of damage during transit. Additionally, shock sensor markings are applied to the packaging, which cannot be easily erased or tampered with. These markings help monitor and prevent mishandling during transportation, ensuring the machines arrive in optimal condition.

By prioritizing thorough testing and implementing stringent quality control measures, Triol ensures that its machines function reliably and effectively at customer sites, thereby meeting the expectations and requirements of its valued customers.