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23 / 05 / 2022 397 Views
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Triol Corporation has partners on every continent, including Latin America. All interactions and relationships are established taking into account the specificities of the region, and with each partner are formed individual product and pricing agreements.

One of the notable instances is our strategic partner Ingetermo in Argentina. Since 2020 a partnership agreement has been signed which allows Ingetermo to be the technical and commercial representative of Triol Corporation in Argentina.

Ingetermo's main business is to develop and provide services across industrial, commercial, real estate, and public sectors, including engineering, performance, and maintenance services.

Since Ingetermo is our major partner, the products of Triol Corporation find their end customer and provide a technological advantage. One of the implementations was performed at the transnational company Stellantis. This implementation solved the following customer challenges:

  • trouble-free production;
  • increasing equipment efficiency;
  • decreasing energy costs;
  • decreasing equipment maintenance costs.

Together we are finding new points of growth to involve the end customer, such as the webinar titled "Exclusive Triol Solutions for the Upstream Market," which was held on July 29, 2021. During the webinar, our experts demonstrated the equipment to increase the efficiency of oil production, as well as showed a great experience in implementing the equipment at oil production locations. Such webinars enable end customers to get complete first-hand answers to all their requirements.

At the moment Triol Corporation upon request of Ingetermo supplies all ranges:

  • low-voltage frequency drives AT24;
  • medium voltage frequency drives AT27;
  • variable speed drives AK06;
  • linear electrical submersible pumps EP01.

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