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The Triol Partner Program is aimed at the rapid and sustainable growth of our partners. We see our challenge in creating conditions under which our partners can quickly measure the strategy of new business with Triol, gently integrate promising opportunities into their current plans, consolidate reputation, create new knowledge for customers and start making a sustainable profit in the long term.

All these opportunities cannot be reached without a well-thought-out Partner Program, based on successful experience whilst also considering the objective circumstances of the market. We offer you a short description of the Triol Partner Program, from which you will learn about the content of our offer, as well as the advantages and nuances that make a cooperation with Triol profitable from the first days, reliable along the entire journey, and promising in the near and distant future.

In general, the program consists of 20 steps, divided into 5 stages, which we called:

  • Creating conditions
  • Green progress
  • Beginner's luck animation
  • Creating value
  • Preservation and development of business

So, let's get started! The first stage - Creating conditions.

Step 1: Brand Triol. We take the first steps towards you. If you are not familiar with us, you may have noticed how thousands and thousands of people around the world by now are getting to know the Triol brand. We do a lot to promote our brand in all economically active regions across the world. However, what speaks best for us are our products, the problems we have solved, and the results achieved. Today, our products operate in more than 30 countries around the world, and we are confident that soon this figure will increase several times and approach 100. In the USA, China, India, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, and in many other countries, our partners and their customers know our products and their excellent characteristics, as well as the quality of service and reliability of cooperation. We are confident that our prominence will continue to grow as we provide elegant and fundamental solutions to the most pressing challenges of leading manufacturing companies in every country.

Step 2: Great products. The basis of our brand is excellent Triol products. We now offer 5 series of products, each of which we strive to make the best in the world. We are open to cooperation in each of them, both with other manufacturers and with companies that use our products for resale or system integration. In any case, your customers will receive the most modern, reliable, and user-friendly solutions at the most attractive prices. This is our second step towards you, which we will not stop taking even after 10 years of our cooperation. This is our essence, our mission, our passion – we love to create superb solutions! In our company, more than 50% of employees are engineers who work in development, production, service, quality control and sales. The goal of our joint work is to create the best technical solutions that will appeal to our customers, function flawlessly for a long time, and bring joy and profit to everyone who works with Triol.

Step 3: Certification and compliance. The third important condition for starting cooperation: we consider certification and compliance with requirements. Our products are certified according to UL, CE, Retie, GOST RF standards, and also comply with numerous industry and local standards, including those for marine or river use. The production of the company has been certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001 since 2002. If additional certification is required to work in a specific industry or country, we usually quickly go through all the necessary procedures and obtain certificates. Customers often also have their own procedures for product approval and certification systems, which can be passed by us at the initial stage of cooperation. Compliance with the requirements and certification of products is a guarantee of the reliability and quality of the supplied equipment and solutions. If necessary, we can carry out special certification of products for your order or for your customer.

We consider these 3 first steps sufficient to get you acquainted. The next question is where to start and how to cooperate well from the first weeks? We call the next group of steps Green Progress. We must move towards cooperation as quickly as possible, but nevertheless, we must take care of the reputation that our companies have, and that the cost of cooperation is environmentally friendly on both sides.

Step 4: Prototypes. In our experience, nothing speeds up cooperation like functioning equipment and positive customer feedback. Therefore, our first question for you is: do you have a project in which you can use Triol, right now? Will this project allow you to evaluate Triol? Will this project allow your customer to evaluate Triol? If yes, then go ahead! Do some internal prototype testing. These prototypes can be tested both by our partner and by the end customer. Including of samples can be formal responsible tests with the aim of entering some significant production program.

Step 5: Participate in negotiations. The sale of complex equipment is a responsible process that involves deep knowledge, search, and discussion of exact solutions, with direct and unambiguous answers. To carry out this work to the best quality, we participate in negotiations with our partners’ customers through our Business Development Managers (BDMs) and Technical Support Engineers (sales engineers). Our partners are responsible for the actual conclusion of the transaction, relations with the customer, and reaching agreements; Triol's responsibility as a manufacturer is technical expertise, selection of the best solution, and risk analysis. This synergy allows us to provide the end customer with a complete solution to their problem, both from a technical and a commercial point of view. The second positive effect is training our partners’ sales teams online, in real conditions. The third advantage is the reduction of risks during the first implementations, which we consider the basis for further successful cooperation. In a one-week trip for our Business Development Managers (BDMs), they can conduct quality negotiations with 8-10 potential buyers.

Step 6: Joint first implementations. We consider the first 3 implementations of each product to be the first. No matter how much we strive to minimize risks and take everything into account at the stage of concluding the first transactions, nuances often arise on the spot during implementation. It could be a new communication protocol or a different connection, or it could be an important feature missing in the initial order. When performing complex projects, this happens often and it is very important that, when such difficulties arise, we are close to the customer and immediately respond to the problem. That is why we very often carry out the first implementations with our partners together. The result of this approach is the training of the partner's engineers in real conditions, deep acquaintance with Triol solutions, and strengthening of trust between all parties to the project. We consider the implementation successful, which leads to the next order.

Through implementation of the first few projects, we begin to better understand each other, the competitive environment, customer requirements for products and services, and business development opportunities. Successful implementations, in addition to growing reputation, create an opportunity for the beginner's luck animation.

Step 7: Wide range of products. In practically every enterprise in the world, in every building in the world, there is a place to use Triol products. To be able to implement a project, you must have a wide range of products. Currently, Triol offers 10 lines of low voltage frequency drives, 4 lines of medium voltage drives, 9 lines of variable speed drives, 9 lines of downhole sensors, and 4 lines of linear electric submersible plunger pumps. All lines are also provided with hundreds of necessary options and software products for the selection and successful operation of equipment. Such a set of products allows our partners to form a product portfolio that is interesting to almost every enterprise and allows us to build a sustainable business. Triol continues to work on creating new products, which constantly makes our partners’ offers more attractive and competitive.

Step 8: Winning prices. The second key factor in competition is price. Our innovations are aimed not only at creating unique technical solutions but also at creating cost advantages. We try to master all the competencies that are necessary to minimize cost while maximizing product quality. We design and manufacture all types of software in our products, power circuits, electronics blocks, and enclosures. This Apple-approach allows us to create the smallest product with maximum functionality, as well as create the opportunity for our partners to compete on price with the most demanding customers and provide technical superiority for the most economical customers. Our goal is to create an opportunity for our partners to be able to win 100% of projects in terms of price and technology.

Step 9: Fast delivery times. Another factor in the successful completion of a project is delivery time. For low-cost products, the optimal solution is to create a warehouse with a partner. To do this, it is necessary to form a marketing plan and conclude a warehouse financing agreement. For high-value products, delivery from our warehouses is possible after receiving orders, if time permits. To complete projects, we offer minimum delivery times, as well as financing the creation of a product warehouse for quick shipments. Another important factor in fast deliveries is the creation of regional warehouses of products. We offer our largest customers the option to set up warehouses for Triol products in their warehouse to ensure fast deliveries to our new partners in the region.

Step 10: Credit limit and mirror conditions. Finally, funding is needed to successfully close each transaction. Financing the transaction is the responsibility of the partner. However, in the first projects or when financing large projects, we can provide the following instruments for financing the transaction: a) deferred payment, b) credit limit, c) mirror payment terms, that is, the same payment terms from the partner that were agreed on with its customer. Such conditions allow a partner to take part and successfully complete practically any project, sharing the financial risk with Triol.

When the first implementations begin to multiply, there is confidence in the success of the collaboration. The next step is value creation. The implementation of this stage allows the partner not only to earn a profit on certain projects but to create a sustainable business based on the competencies of the partner's team.

Step 11: Technical project expertise:application software, specifications, problem-solving. The first step on this path is online project appraisal. The purpose of this work is to develop the most economically and technically attractive Triol solution to the end-user’s problem. Such an examination can be carried out by analyzing technical requirements, interviewing a partner and his customer, and, if necessary, by visiting the site and conducting a Preliminary Design Survey. The output document in this work is an optimized specification for the delivery, which may contain both Triol equipment and purchased equipment, as well as a list of accompanying work that must be included in the project estimate in order to make it successful. At this stage, we also discuss possible alternatives and risks in the implementation of the project. All these features allow our partner to feel confident during negotiations, project implementation, and delivery of the solution to the customer.

Step 12: Sales training. Who is the decision-maker? Who initiates the project? What is the purchasing procedure from this enterprise? What arguments can you use to convince the customer of the benefits of your offer? These are just 10% of the questions that the seller has when he negotiates with the customer. We started our history with direct sales to end customers, so we are well aware of the challenges that our partners' sales teams must constantly deal with. There is no better answer to such challenges than quality, systematic training. Modern means of communication allow for online training, for example through webinars, online consultations, and online participation of our Business Development Managers (BDM) in negotiations with end customers. In addition, we prepare for sales by conducting on-site training for our partner's sales teams.

Step 13: Service training: diagnostics, repair, selection of spare parts. The third important competence is product service: how to carry out installation, how to carry out quick and reliable commissioning, how to organize monitoring of equipment operation during operation, how to advise the customer's operating personnel, how to diagnose the causes of emerging malfunctions, how to carry out preventive and repair work. Each product has its own manuals and videos for each type of work. The study of products by our partners’ engineers occurs during the first implementation, but fully-fledged deep knowledge comes with experience over time. To accelerate this experience and make it systematic, we run online webinars, in-house training, and on-site training.

Step 14: Customization of solutions for the end customer. Equipment delivery is often a lengthy process and it is important for each partner that his efforts to initiate the project are not wasted. While the purchasing decision turns into a contract, a competitor must not intercept the buyer or add unnecessary fuss to the deal. Solution customization is one of the best ways to increase the likelihood of a trade. Customization is beneficial to the end customer in that it gives him the opportunity to get exactly the solution he needs. And this gives the Triol partner the opportunity to be sure that the work done with the customer will be rewarded with a future contract. Customization is a technically complex and demanding project, and the Triol Corporation has 25 years of experience in solving such problems for a wide variety of applications, for a wide variety of industries, and for a wide variety of customers – from giant raw material producers to highly specialized manufacturing enterprises.

The accumulation of competencies and the successful implementation of projects will inevitably lead to business growth and, as a result, to the growth of competencies. There are usually 2-3 serious competitors in any market, and from the very beginning consideration should be given to how we will win business from other brands. Solving this problem is the next stage of our program, which we call Preservation and development of business.

Step 15: Individual approach. An individual approach is one of the components of our brand and in working with partners we try to realize this part of our culture to the fullest. To work with each partner, we form a team of at least 3 specialists – a Business Development Manager (BDM), Customer Relations Manager (CRM), and Technical Support Engineer (sales-engineer). The task of the Business Development Manager (BDM) is business development and negotiations with end customers, the formation of a strategy for the development of cooperation between Triol and the partner, and the promotion of the partner and Triol brands. The task of the Customer Relations Manager (CRM) is the conclusion and execution of transactions, control of shipments and payments, and legal protection of the interests of Triol and the partner. The tasks of the Sales Engineer are technical expertise of projects, successful implementations, and solution of technical problems. The team has broad powers in attracting internal resources of the company to solve specific problems every day. We are confident that the products are used by enterprises, but decisions are made by people, and people must communicate with people. Our people are interested, professional, and competent. This ensures the implementation of an individual approach in the development of partnerships with Triol.

Step 16: Reserving projects and limiting competition. There are countries in which Triol partners are beginning to overlap. When the end customer starts using Triol, in 95% of cases they want to continue to use only Triol, or Triol among selected brands. In this situation, a new Triol partner will receive an order from such a customer without spending any effort on finding him, and thus may be in a winning situation. To prevent such cases, the company has introduced a system of project reservations for partners. The second important decision is to limit the number of partners to create a reasonable balance between our presence in the market and our partners’ earnings. At the stage of maintaining and developing a business, a partner usually invests heavily in promoting the Triol brand, creating sales and engineering teams, and creating a finished product warehouse, and we consider it very important to ensure the safety and high turnover of these investments.

Step 17: Triol online store for partners. To speed up the processing of your requests and transfer communications online, we are implementing the Triol online store project. Its main feature is that it is intended not for trading on the open market, but for organizing Triol's interaction with partners. To get started, a partner needs to create a personal account. They then get online access to their Business Development Managers (BDM), Customer Relations Manager (CRM), and Sales Engineer, and can start registering sales projects. In the online store, you can also get the necessary advice, leave information, and order a prototype. The online store is actively developing with new functions added every day, so it makes no sense to list them all here as the list will be outdated within a week of publication.

Step 18: Localization and branding. Powered by Triol is the slogan that our partners use for the products they manufacture or supply with our help. Throughout our history, we have worked with companies that have some competencies that are better than ours, that have a logistics advantage, or brand strength. We believe that the key to the success of our cooperation is the high satisfaction of end customers in the solutions they receive. Such satisfaction guarantees both you and us continued orders. And if we can maximize the quality of products, minimize the price, and fulfill the requirements for localization or certification, we consider it a very profitable and promising solution. Of course, all aspects of cooperation must be considered, but in any case, we must constantly look for ways to maximize profits and satisfaction for all aspects of the business. And we will do it together with you!

Step 19: Service business creation. The service life of, for example, Triol AT27 is 25 years. Buying such products, the customer expects that all this time the products will work and generate income. This is possible through performing maintenance on products and periodic repairs. In 25 years, Triol AT27 can undergo 2 major overhauls with the replacement of fans or condensers in the cells. All this is a good, long-term business that our partner can do. It can be a partner who specializes in the repair, or a partner who is involved in both the sale and repair of equipment. And again, Triol provides everything you need to accomplish this task: teaching materials, videos, a set of spare parts, and conducts personnel training. Performing periodic maintenance and repairs is a great opportunity to grow your portfolio with consistent, predictable, and well-paid orders.

Step 20: New Triol products in the portfolio. The main competencies of the Triol Corporation are power and low-current electronics, algorithms, design, human-machine interface, and artificial intelligence. This set allows us to create new series of products that replenish the portfolios of partners. Whilst continuously developing existing products, we plan to soon enter the market with a new series of robotic products –- manipulators and platforms. These and others of our new products will become catalysts for the development of your business in the near future.

In conclusion, we would like to thank you for your interest in our products and our proposal for cooperation. We know that partnership is a two-way street. In this article, we have outlined only a brief description of each step within the 5 stages of the Triol Partner Program. Everything else, as well as your suggestions, needs more substantive discussion.

We look forward to your decision to cooperate with Triol. Contact our team, which you can see next to this article or in another way convenient for you!

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