High-temperature Downhole Measuring System TM01-18
18 / 02 / 2020 1820 Views
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Efficient and high-quality oil production is impossible without reliable downhole equipment. Downhole Measuring Systems are a crucial element that provides accurate parameter measurements, especially operating in harsh climatic conditions. We’ve been designing and advancing our Downhole equipment and now it’s time to present you Triol high-temperature solution - Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-18.

Triol high-temperature solution

Downhole Measuring System Triol TM01-18 is a high-temperature, reliable and profitable solution for systems working with hot fluids up to 347°F, where it’s necessary to collect, process, display and transfer actual parameters of the well and submersible equipment, with a pressure in the equipment suspension zone up to 40 MPa (5800psi).

The solution provides accurate processing and displaying of the following parameters:

pump discharge pressure; pump discharge temperature; submersible motor oil temperature or the temperature of the motor stator winding; ESM vibration acceleration in the X, Y and Z axis; insulation resistance in the circuit “Step-up transformer – submersible cable – motor” It consists of a surface unit, a downhole unit, and an alternative voltage source in connection through an independent phase with the downhole unit. The implementation of cooling elements in a viscous composition makes it easy to operate in high-temperature conditions and provides the uniformity of heat transfer processes in the system.

How does it work?

A method for cooling downhole electronics of the measuring system includes cooling a variety of electronic components by the thermoelectric coolers. Heat is transferred to the body of cooling elements, then transferred to a pipe where the downhole unit is placed. The pipe is cooled with a fluid. The performance of the thermoelectric coolers is selected in accordance with the groups of electronics in the downhole unit. Depending on the embodiments of the system, it is possible to vary the number and the connection scheme of the thermoelectric coolers to achieve the required performance. Thus, on the basis of the system which is characterized by jamming resistance, the implemented method ensures the transmission of electricity to thermoelectric coolers through the additional source. This provides growth of the service life under operating temperature conditions and increases the efficiency of thermoelectric coolers in higher temperatures through ensuring the operation of the measuring system. It increases reliability and ensures uniform technical requirements for energy consumption.

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