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Now it’s time to talk about comfort while installing electric equipment.

Comfort and speed of installation, dismantling, moving of various electric components, in particular, cabinet frequency drives are the essential parts of equipment successful operation. Limited space makes it impossible to use cranes for these purposes. Sure, as an alternative, the physical strength of a person must come to help, but this kind of installation is off-speed.

We are eager to provide you not only with high-tech but with comfortable solutions that facilitate the implementation of our products.

Hoisting tool for electric drives sounds interesting, isn’t it? So what is it?

Hoisting tool for frequency drives developed by our experts consists of a metal frame protruding beyond the electric cabinet, brackets and a winch, including a mechanical switch, a metal cable, a handle, and a hook.

The tool is built, preferably for rail mounting on the electric drive roof, the winch structural elements are installed higher than the drive roof. The hoisting tool frame has holes matching the rails of the mounted device.

Such a design increases the ergonomics of installation, accuracy, and mobility.

Summarizing, what do we have?

Quick installation, dismantling, moving of electric drives and components; Full ergonomization; Accurate installation; High mobility of the heavy equipment; No physical efforts. Simplify you operation, save your time on installation with Triol hoisting tools!

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